Rain Rain Go Away

... Please just don't come back another day.

After arriving back at Footfall, we had a meeting with Zulfikar. Turns out he wasn’t pleased with us glassing Janae’s city. Not my problem, they killed Fyke, and were clearly insane due to the irresponsibility of the rogue tradder that owns it. It was a kindness that we were able to dispatch them so quickly. Better to be dead then whatever they were.

Janae apparently tried leaving with her daughter, luckily the Kriegsman was able to talk some sense into her it seems. She’s not happy, but she may someday learn that there are worse groups to be stuck with than us. Plus with her we could possibly get another navigator, and that would be great!

While everyone was busy being all mopey, I went to the local establishments in search of any news of “lost worlds” and exotic artifacts and such. I heard tales of a planet “covered in sulfur, with vast floating cities”, though I’m unsure how much of that is hyperbole and how much is true. Apparently the guy to get a hold of is named Draco Saltdune.

On my way back, I was stopped by a prostitute offering me a good time. I asked her if she had any treasure maps, and she stormed off. She wasn’t exactly a looker though, so I am frankly amazed that she had such an attitude. Hopefully she’s cheap. Later on, it turns out she actually did have a map! She gave it to Emir, and he showed me and said when she gave it to him, she mentioned me. Something didn’t feel right about the map, the timing was too convenient, and she didn’t charge Emir for it. But, nothing ventured nothing gained, am I right?

I was so wrong.

We made it to the mystery planet, and found a small gathering of 3 outposts, all clearly abandoned in a rush. Kayp stayed in low orbit with one of our transports, with Sig and Nyx. The rest of us did some investigating, and found some signal arrays. While Krieger worked on turning them on so we could hear the last transmission, the rest of the ground team looked around the buildings for any information. I found a vial with what looked like water in it, but there was something white in the vial with it. I pocketed the vial, may be useful, or at the very least, worth some money. We also threw a briefcase of research notes into the transport we brought down, though we haven’t had time to look them over.

Brute single-handedly killed 7 ground transports. That he was driving.

When we made it to the last outpost, we noticed that in the distance there was an abandoned vehicle. Brute and some of our crew went to go check it out, while Emir, Krieger, and I went into the outpost to get the last chunk of the message through.

We got it working, and the message came through, and we finally figured out where we were.

Timing couldn’t have been better, because it had just started raining, and then we saw the monstrosity in the clouds.

We made it to rain.



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