The Real Kayp Log 10

Worst Day EVER

So today is officially the worst day ever.

Zulfikar screamed at us, as big ass cannons pointed at us from the ceiling. He was not pleased about the casualties from Yurath. He has every right to be pissed.

Nyx hit me in the face with his staff… A man came to interrogate him, and when he approached, it cut Nyx off from the Warp and he was unable to see. Blocking Nyx from the man was futile he easily brushed me aside.

I had to wander around Footfall alone, after that encounter, to save Emir because he didn’t have the common sense to bring along a driver when purchasing a ground vehicle… What was his plan exactly? Strap the damn thing on his back and walk it home?

Then once I returned to Titansbane, I was approached by Janoor hand in hand with Janae.

“How was the trip?” she asked me concerned, apparently my crappy day was written all over my face.

“It didn’t go great.. Zulfikar was pissed about what happened on our last trip…” I replied quietly.

“What happened on the last trip?” she asked, confused.

My heart skipped a beat, stopped, and then fell to the floor shattering into a million small fragments. She didn’t know what happened to Yurath… It had never occurred to me that Janoor and Janae had not been on deck during our departure of the planet… and I fought to find words. What could I possibly say?

“The captain and… some of the crew thought it would be best….to bomb the city when we left Yurath..” I said slowly; trying to find words as I stared at the floor, the ground, the anything, that wasn’t Janoor’s face.

“Bomb? What does ‘bomb’ mean?” she asked quietly.

Nothing I could have said would have been the right thing to say. Nothing I could do would prevent her from the pain that I was about to put her through. I stood silently a moment and looked at her kind eyes, wishing that any second I could wake up from this nightmare..

“It means that they killed everyone.” I finally said flatly.

Her eyes grew wide and her body went ridged. “They-they killed… everyone?” she said barely audible. “But why?”

Again fighting for words, I knew this was something I would never be able to fix… Before I could say anything more, she spun around dragging Janae with her, and took off running down the hall. “You are all monsters!”

I hesitated for a moment but then started to give chase. We ran through the corridors pushing and shoving past people and nearly knocking over a few food trays as we passed by the kitchens. Rounding a few more corners, I saw Janoor approach Emir and slap him in the face, before disappearing down another hallway. I paused a moment by Emir, panting for air and he looked at me curiously and pointed down the opposite hallway.

“She went that way.”

“I blame you for this..”

“You’re not the only one, Kayp.”

I took off running again and soon spotted a bit of her dress quickly disappearing up ahead at a split in the corridor. With a burst of adrenaline, I picked up the pace and soon found myself gaining on them.

“Janoor! Wait!”

She rounded on me, her eyes piercing.
“Why?! Why did they have to die?” She demanded.

“They had gone mad and were fighting and killing without reason.” I started, and when she did not interrupt, I continued. “I did not agree with the decision, but I did not fight the captain’s orders. I’m not making excuses for myself… It was wrong… and I did nothing to stop it.”
I glanced at Janae, her hand in her mother’s; she stared up at me with large innocent eyes. Her english was not excellent and she clearly didn’t understand what was happening.

“We can’t stay here… how could your people do such a thing?” She walked passed me, and I knew she was leaving, but I stood like stone watching her walk away. As Janoor turned left toward the entrance of Titansbane, the light up ball fell from Janae’s hand and rolled away out of sight. Without going to retrieve it, I walked the long way to my bunk.

Soon Emir beckoned for a meeting. Apparently we had acquired a map, and Zarko was very keen on following it. Quickly, we devised a plan to go to this mysterious planet on the map, while also taking on another job from someone on Footfall, and somehow repair the broken relationship with Zulfikar’s. Emir rounded up a small group to return out into Footfall and he asked me if I would go along to drive the ground vehicle (just incase.) I drove them to Zulfikar’s, and happily waited outside, as they took up a council with him. Soon, we were headed to inquire about this other job. I drove us to a ship at dock. The body of the vessel was black and seemed to absorb all light. If it were night, you probably wouldn’t have been able to tell it was there. The crew was in search of a psyker and Emir gave his word we would find and return tehm to the crew. They were not in a hurry and said they would wait here at port until we returned. They could not return to their home without their bounty. This lot gave me a bad feeling and I couldn’t wait to get back to Titansbane. Returning back, I drove down a tight street with people and booths filling the pathway. Watching the people pass by, I barley had time to slam on the brakes as a child threw himself to the ground in front of the vehicle and started to cry.

“I didn’t even touch him!” I said, in surprise and anger.

Emir said nothing as he jumped out of the vehicle, and I watched apprehensively as a group of children started swarming around the vehicle. Emir had to push past a few children as he approached the child on the ground, and as quickly as the group assembled they quickly dissipated, and the crying child jumped up and ran away. Time to go. I am done with Footfall… Arriving back to the ship, I parked the car and Emir noticed his gun was missing..
“Leave it, we are on our way.”

Fine with me. I made my way to the bridge and piloted us to our destination. The mysterious planet, to collect this ‘treasure’ Zarko says, and hopefully buy back Zulfikars tolerance of us.
Returning to my quarters, I passed by the rubber ball. Upon picking it up, I felt a rattle inside and saw that the LED had been broken. Going to my technomat, I cut open the rubber and replaced the light and sealed it back up.

“Ball?” A small voice said behind me.

“Janae!” I ran over hand hugged her tightly. “Where is your mom?”

“With Nyx,” she replied distracted, throwing the ball for the pandai, and laughing has he jumped up to chase it.

I left it at that and soon I found myself smiling again watching the young girl play with the fluffy black and white creature. I attempted to tinker, feeling a lot better knowing that Janoor had changed her mind and decided to stay. Soon she came to visit.

“I thought you were leaving…” I said meekly.

“I was stopped by the Kriegs-woman and we spoke… This world is so cold.. I don’t know how you stand it.” She replied, her voice soft but her eyes like fire.

“Humans make mistakes…”

“I have never made a mistake that big.” Her words like ice.

“Then you are fortunate.” I said quietly, as she collected Janae and disappeared.

I slept horribly that night. Images of an angry Janoor filled my thoughts and I tossed and turned all night. I was relieved when a summons from Zarko came, and I quickly dressed, to fly him to the satellite for our mystery planet. We had arrived.

The satellite had no info. It contained coordinates and there was no claim to the planet. Nothing useful could be obtained. Feeling uneasy once again, I was dreading this mission.

“No one is making you go,” Emir stated on the bridge. Everyone at the meeting was staring at me.

A flash of Janoor filled my thoughts again and I took in a deep breath as I summoned my courage. No longer would I remain silent when I felt that something was wrong.
“I do not want to go with your party on the planet.. but I do not want to remain on Titansbane.”

“Then what do you suggest, Kayp?” Emir asked patiently.

“I want to take the second transport and remain airborne nearby as a scout.” I said trying to sound more confident than I felt.

Emir stood considering the proposal and then the new plan started to take form.
Zarko, Emir, Krieger, Brute, and two other crewmen (who insisted on wearing red for some reason) were in one transport and I followed them away from the Titansbane, along with Nyx and Sigmund in my transport. The party landed on the planet and I pulled the ship to linger in atmo watchful of the area around them. A couple of buildings lay abandoned on the planet. Three settlements lay close by each other with a few vehicles outside of each location. The air seemed to be gray-green and the atmosphere seemed to be purple at the fringes. Something was off but a scan of the air proved that there was no poison to give us trouble on the planet. The ground was also gray and the grass simmered as if the whole surface was damp. A flat lake lay beyond the three buildings.
The party searched the clump of three buildings then moved to the next three. My heart was racing and I was on full alert when my transport pinged that a faint signal was suddenly coming from the buildings on the ground. I asked if they group had seen or touch anything and they apparently had activated a generator that had turned on all the electronics in the facility. After they traveled to the second group of small buildings the signal grew stronger. I listened as the group communicated to each other as they explored building after building on the motionless planet. Krieger struggled to get the last generator online, as Emir shuffled through paperwork. Zarko shouted that he had found a staircase leading into a pit outside. Deep inside the pit, he had found a small vial containing a white speck covered in spikes that he pocketed. Brute spotted an isolated jeep near the lake and decided with an excited growl that he needed to go and look at the vehicle. Surprisingly no one stopped him, and he trotted off with the two soldiers (who called themselves the Red Shirts) on his heels. Krieger got the generator rearing to life and I struggled with the frequency of the signal so I could hear the message. Brute’s voice came over the microbead that the sky was producing water at the same moment the message became to form from the planet.

“It is coming- it is coming from the RAIN”

I looked up from the screen in horror, as a long white body of a massive creature started to fly from around the planets atmosphere. Tentacles hung down from its body, seemingly riding the storm that was fast approaching the group on the ground.



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