And the rain shall wash away their tears

I have been attending to many duties as of late, so I shall eschew proper formatting for a more precise summary.

Our actions regarding Yura have been ill received. So much so that I fear the relationship we have built with Zulfikar is now strained. I was, most embarrassingly, still too gripped by the haunting visions of my past to reason with the man. Of course, he of all men should know the price that comes with conflict, lest he has forgotten what lies on the other side of the flimsy curtain we call reality. Those people were hurling themselves into bolters and power swords. What kind of rational man does such a thing, into the ripping talons of the emperor’s blessed?

Only the mad.

It matters little. With or without his approval, we cleansed the city in fire. Our royal guest does not understand, and indeed she need not to. However, should my senses have been with me, I would have raised protest to the interrogation of our navigator. Nyx was quite mortified by the experience, and I fear may never be the same, and had we not been under the gaze of so many soldiers and turrets, I would have rectified the situation immediately. Our navigator is key to our travels, our profit, and even our very survival. I will note this, personally.

But now, i must cut this short. Something terrible has appeared in the rolling clouds above the planet we now orbit. Our prestigious leader, in all his glorious wisdom, has gone down with other key crew members to investigate this forgotten wasteland of a planet, and all I can get in response for status report is this:

It has started to rain.


DTM Prohack0421

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