Lambs meeting Fate

I fear today, that I cannot keep protocol. My experiences in the past week are too overwhelming to carefully organize and quantify.

I died, Mortimer. We all died.

Although I am writing this now, make no mistake; I should not be here. Our entire crew should not be here. The creature, whatever it was, was far beyond our capabilities to deal with. I daresay that, perhaps, no ship on it’s own could have. It writhed its way through the hull, with thousands of grotesque feelers in the form of spectral predators. It wormed into my ship as though it were carrion, adrift in the void. And it consumed us all.

However, a power I have never seen stepped forth that day. Through the young girl from that barbaric feudal world, something re-wrote fate on our behalf. A force beyond reckoning fixed my mistake, and i know not why.

It is clear to me now, however, that my original plan is no longer viable. It is time to step forward, and reveal my true purpose. Emir has begrudgingly acquiesced to my command, unwilling as he is to step aside as my shadow agent. But it is time for us to maximize our potential, and go back to our strengths.

I only hope the crew will see it my way. They must, for i will bode no insubordination. I shall not repeat our fathers mistake.

With best regards,


Ab umbra ad lucem



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