Brute Wang

Da Sneakiest Ork


The History of Wang Manor

Many years ago, a fertile rock rolled around its host, lazily turning about in the starlight. Inhabited by only plants, the lush planet was a trove of natural wealth, untouched by the outside. This would change one day when an ork by the name of Waazzagh Bangshoota fell to the surface of the planet after leaping from his ship in an ill-conceived attempt to board the ship of a kroot mercenary he had been pursuing. After cratering into the ground, Waazzagh had no other options but to claim the planet for himself, and convince himself that he had been competing over it with the kroot mercenary the entire time, making the endeavor a resounding victory. As he began to establish himself on the planet, Waazzagh adapted quickly and constructed all the necessities of an ork life: something to hit things with, and something that explodes. As the decades passed and Waazzagh developed his skills, he would come to develop the ability to construct shelter and in time, the skills of an inept mekboy. His determination would not be undone by failure, and his skills would eventually develop into rocketry, in a hope to build a ship capable of leaving the planet. He would toil away in W. Bangshoota Manor, the stately home constructed over years that housed his broad swathe of knowledge, compiled across the countless volumes of his one shelf library.

In present day, the orks of Wang Manor have a unique calling among orks, thanks to their progenitor, whose name was lost with the years. Orkeologists examining the birth of orks had discovered the scattered remains of a massive ork and a ruin named Wang Manor, after which the planet would be named. However the mystery of their progenitor, this unknown ork named Wang, would only grow with time, as spores were discovered across the planet indicating that one ork alone had seeded the entire planet. What kind of monstrous enemy could have done such a thing? What kind of fearsome ork would challenge such a beast? Forensork evidence indicated that Wang was an ork standing approximately 49 meters tall, with an arm span of 53 meters, and could throw a boulder into orbit. Many arguments ensued over how this could be true if he had lived in a manor that was only 27 meters wide and 15 meters long, but the survivors decided that he was indeed an ork the likes of which has never been seen again. Truly, he wuz da biggest.
As the native orks began to bask in the glory of their ancestor, questions began to rise. The entire population was bewildered by the concept of Wang being killed. There must have been something truly big to take down their mighty sire. Each ork on their own began to stew over the problem. If there is something that big out there, they must find it and destroy it. There could be nothing greater than the orks of Wang! Alas, what if it was not only strength but cunning that fell Wang? If it was so, then none could be trusted in the pursuit of vengeance, lest you fall victim to betrayal. This great seed of revenge became planted in every Wang ork, though none would dare admit it. To each it is a closely guarded sekret, even from the other Wangs.

This collective desire of the Wang orks to find and destroy the one who had killed Wang grew and became their greatest boon, ushering them towards a common goal without their knowledge. They began to build from the relics of the past, learning from the vast wealth of knowledge left behind by Wang, and it wouldn’t be long before they had become master craftsmen of both ships and tools of war. The planet became a bustling trading ground of violent orks sending out freebootaz on every ship that came to port, accompanying the massive stockpiles of “weapons” and vehicles being exported to the unnecessarily daring. The Wangs would spread across the cosmos, each successive generation inheriting the desire to hunt down and kill the destroyer of Wang. Thus enters Brute Wang.

The History of Brute Wang

Brute Wang, like the many other Wang orks, was consumed by the desire to kill the destroyer of Wang. There was a singular thing that made Wang stand out from the other orks though, and that was what appeared on the surface to be some sort of mental defect. In reality though, Brute had taken the sekrecy of his journey to another level. Deciding that he couldn’t trust those around him to not pry deeply into his actions, he donned the sekret identity of Batork, stalker of the night and defender of Wang. By day Brute would casually roam the streets of whatever planet he had been brought to today (Brute had never been to Wang Manor, a 7th generation Wang spawned on the damp side of a log floating in a swamp) observing the locals, sizing up who might be the biggest or the most cunning. By night, he donned his black leather and took to the streets once again hunting down doers of evil. Of course Brute had a different idea of evil than most, so “evil” really meant he didn’t like you for some reason, or thought you were hiding something. This would be a most unfortunate circumstance, as the average person very much looks like they are hiding something when in the presence of an ork.

Some of these villains were truly heinous criminals, and Brute began to keep a tally of those who had bested him at one point or another. These were his prime suspekts in his hunt for the Destroyer of Wang, either just beyond his grasp or prepared for escape, Brute searched the vastness of space in his hunt.

Da Bad’uns

Da Laffyman: When searching for a suitable weapon, Brute encountered a merchant of pure mystery, offering wares the likes of which he had never seen before. Offering him an exceptional price, Brute purchased a marvelous weapon and fired it into the air in celebration. After a few brief shots, the weapon exploded in Brute’s hands, and the merchant vanished into the crowds, his raucous laughter piercing Brute’s ears. Surely a man of such cunning and evil could lead Brute to the Destroyer of Wang.
Hedhurty Man: While inquiring at a local tavern for information, Brute was assaulted by a magus of untold power, rending his mind with confusion as he had never experienced before. His thoughts swirled in agony as the incantations streamed from the lips of the mage, until Brute collapsed. When he awoke, the fiend had fled and left behind only a searing memory that Brute knew would lead him to the Destroyer.

Brute Wang was killed during the encounter with The Creature on Rain.

Brute Wang

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