Killian Rage

A man given in to his namesake.


A man of medium build and height. Thickly muscled and scarred like most voidfarers are. He wears the cloak of his fallen blood brother Havoc. The coat was once grey but it is riddled with bullet holes and steeped in enough blood to permanently appear red.

He is missing his left arm. It was cleaved off by Sarvus Trask during a battle on Thical.

His look is severe but he is still quick with a smile. He has a well trimmed beard and short hacked hair.


A nobody in the Calixus Sector, Killian Rage was a voidmaster seeking work. He drifted from ship to ship since he doesn’t remember the one he was born on. He served in a Battlefleet for a while and rose to the rank of Voidmaster of his own ship.

Eventually he was offered better chances when a Rogue Trader named Sarvus Trask encountered him one day. Serving as the first mate on Sarvus Trask’s flagship the Cerberus, Killian was at Sarvus’s side through most of his legendary adventures.

What formally thrust Killian into the spotlight among the crew was during a routine visit to one of Sarvus Trask’s imperial colonies. Sarvus was away on business and Rok’Gol made to strike. With cunning and a touch of madness, Killian and the fleet were able to drive away the xenos threat.

Many years went by with many stories of laughter, loss, and profit. Eventually Sarvus Trask set his eyes on his respected friend, Calligos Winterscale. Sarvus, not being one for cunning or strategy, was eventually discovered by the legendary Winterscale. A war might have erupted but the ever impulsive Sarvus Trask placed the blame squarely at Killian Rage’s feet.

Calligo Winterscale demanded that Killian be sent away, never to return. Sarvus had him imprisoned on Thical which eventually led to him being imprisoned on Sheol XVII.

Killian now seeks revenge for the man he saw as a friend. Using his clout among the crew and facilities owned by Sarvus Trask, he arranged for a crew that was still loyal to him to commandeer a ship and prepare for his prison break.

Now set free by the explorers, he sets his eyes rimward to the Koronus Expanse.

While on port at the hive world of Thical Sarvus Trask ambushed Havoc. Dragging the man back to the dock, Trask gunned Havoc down in cold blood where Killian was sure to see. He went to retrieve Havocs body but the Rogue Trader was waiting for him and their battle ensued.

Sarvus Trask cleaved off his arm during the melee but he was repulsed by the rest of the crew.

After that he delivered the crew of the Titansbane to Zulfikar Raheem and then, their contract at an end, Killian Rage wandered off into Port Footfall.

Killian Rage

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