Nett Doze

A distracted scientist studying the arcane.


“You don’t need to be born into greatness to know how great you are. "

“The trouble is always getting the lesser ones to recognize it. They tend to roll their eyes, presuming that the language of the universe you find yourself so embroiled in is just gibberish. “We owe it to the God Emperor” they say, “Only he is capable of such feats” and other assorted nonsense. What time do I have for their ineptitude though?”

“If they don’t submit to superiority they submit to force, the only measure of grandiose that these coagulated fleshpiles seem to understand.”

“I can think of the perfect subject to prove my superiority on…”

Nett Doze was eventually found by Sarvus Trask who paid him handsomely to turn traitor. He died during the events of Battle for the Titansbane

Nett Doze

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