Sarvus Trask

A corrupt Rogue Trader hunting betrayers


While not young by Imperial standards, he is very young relatively to the Koronus Expanse. He and many of his top officers all wear red surcoats with all manner of finery and piping. A pomp that belies his misunderstanding. He is constantly emulating what he believes represents power and profit.


Sarvus Trask is an Imperial Rogue Trader. Hailing from a house that has fallen into corruption and hedonism, the Trask Warrant of Trade was first awarded to Godwyn Trask during the Age of Apostasy. In M39, the family moved to the Calixis Sector in an event that has since put them into a slow decline. Only recently has the Trask family regained any of its former power, something that is thanks only to the young Sarvus.

Sarvus has managed to improve his family’s fortunes by traversing the unknown regions of the Koronus Expanse, laying claim to many valuable finds along the way. This quest had led Trask to leave the Imperium behind, he now considers the Expanse his true calling.

Sarvus Trask

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