Zulfikar Raheem

An old warrior seeking unity.


A grizzled, broad older gentleman. The scars on his arms and face reveal old stories of exploration and battle. He has kind eyes and a warm smile for old acquaintances.


Zulfikar Raheem, brother to Ashreqat and father to Ardata, is a great merchant on the distance port of Footfall. He made his fortune securing supply compacts with several prominent Rogue Traders. To this day he still runs security and supplies for prominent names like Calligo Winterscale and Sarvus Trask.

He came to Footfall as a means to cut his losses and his costs having to move things through the Maw. Once on Port he set out to gain a Foothold amongst the rabble. Too many men and women come to make their fortunes and it is often at gun point. But Zulfikar was different. Leveraging his relationships with Rogue Traders he was able to carve out a stake in the Expanse.

The frequent skirmishes between Rogue Traders, merchants, and gangs often leave his facilities alone. It is compounded by the fact that Zulfikar deals in security. His home and warehouses are always up to date with the newest automated weapons and well trained soldiers.

Zulfikar brought his daughter Ardata with him and provided her with her own palatial estate nestled within his sprawling facilities. She enjoyed a life of safety, affluence, and luxury. Nearing her third decade of life she sought something more. One day a Rogue Trader arrived to discuss a supply compact for the stars nestled within the Heathen Stars. He brought with him a young, cocky man named Killian Rage. While the deal was being drawn she gave him a tour around the facility.

She was enamored with that man. Every time they returned he brought her a gift, or a trinket, sometimes a flower from a distant world. His stories of adventure and treasure made her feel trapped, and eventually she left with him to see the Expanse.

And she never returned.

Zulfikar Raheem

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