The Rainwalkers

Having fun storming the castle

We got ambushed by some dire wolves on our way to the city. They messed Kayp up pretty bad, but all things considered, it was a pretty easy fight. I didn’t even have to move at all, apart from shooting.
The city was clearly destroying itself from the inside out. We made our way in and heard some voices coming from the town square. In the center was a chocolate-faced man over a pyre. Sig seemed to understand him, so we assumed he was one of people we were here for, the queen’s knight. They’re totally boning… I was about to tell them they were making s’mores with the wrong kind of chocolate but they started getting into cover and ready to fire at us. With muskets. Fucking regular old muskets.
I fired my lascannon into a tent to show them they were clearly outgunned, but they didn’t take the hint and attacked anyway. It was adorable.
After the VERY quick fight, we caught one alive and were able to find out what he knew about how we could get to the castle to save the princess. Fyke (Chocolate Thunder, as he will now be called) translated for us and we learned of a secret path through the city the king’s assassins used to use, called the “Path of flowers” after searching around for what felt like an eternity, the whole time Chocolate Thunder telling us “we are so close”, we finally noticed a trail of flowers through the city. We followed this for a few hours, and finally ended at a door. Upon entry the room appeared to be entirely empty, but Sig pushed a brick (I’m still not sure how he knew to do that), and a stairway opened up behind us leading down into a long pathway.

This looks more like a sewer than a “hidden path”. I guess we’ll see…

Kayp Log 9
Saving a princess-not so easy peasy

We took a couple transports to Yurath,
The tree trunks were wide and bare.
We parked beside the forest,
No way we could fit in there.

There were no branches way down low,
Leaves like fans spread wide.
Umbrella trees casting shadows,
“Hey, do you see those eyes?”

Tiny flowers littered the ground,
So small you could never count all the petals.
This medieval world was so foreign,
Their castle wall just installing metal.

Screams pierce the air.
Black plums the sky they engulf.
Down the path we are being followed,
Oh shit, is that a Dire Wolf?

I take aim at the far left canine,
He dodges like a boss.
Dashing forward he overtakes me,
I am quickly at a loss.

A swipe to the face, a swipe to the side.
Dark fur is all I see.
Breath of rotten flesh,
Please don’t kill me.

Flashes of my life,
Nyx’s smiling face,
Kassius’s laugh,
Death’s sweet embrace.

No! I will fight!
My friends come to my aide.
The alpha has approached,
A bad mistake he has made.

The battle rages on,
Beasts slain across the grass.
The fight is soon won,
A rest, I get at last.

A mangled gate to the city,
A giant mob at the castle.
Whispers of a secret path to inside,
Finding flowers is such a hassle.

Thatched homes with blue roofs,
All these buildings look the same!
White flowers are the clue,
Wait… is this the way we came?

Flowers in the window,
I see one across the street!
Actual planets, some paintings, and statues.
The last one is painted on concrete.

Well actually the wall was stone,
I just needed something to rhyme.
Touching bricks to find a secret door.
It’s Diagon Alley time!


We’z onna planet, an I’z ‘ere wiff air…erro…arxo…I’z ‘ere wiff a humie. ’E looks big enuff ta foight, but I ’eard woofs out da ship. If I kan fin’da woofs I kan raise more woofs! I doesn’t have no woofs now, so more woofs is better woofs.

No John.
You are the demons.

After the tense reunion of Zulfikar and Killian, I wasn’t sure he was actually going to make good on his promise of payment, but he came through. Still shocked about that. He said everything would be ready for us to be on our way in about a month, so we all went about our business over the next few weeks.

I don’t know why we started doing this, but Arronax and I have started avoiding being in the same place whenever the Krieger is nearby. I’m hoping he starts to think one of us is fake. There’s nothing even riding on this, though maybe I should get a pot going for how long it’ll take for him to see us together.

Brute, Arronax, and myself started a makeshift “fight club”. This ship is a little too small for it, so we don’t have any kind of major operation, and everyone already seems to be in a fairly decent mood. That said, it might help keep everyone’s spirits up at least a little when things inevitably go to shit. Safe-ish outlet for aggression…

Before we left we were contacted by a navigator named Janoor Yuratha, who needed a good crew for a job. Newly unemployed we were up for anything, though I’d like to go to some lost or abandoned planets soon. Everyone kept mentioning this planet, Rain. Nobody seemed to think it was smart to go there. That just makes me want to go there more! Don’t take a fat kid to a candy store and tell him he’s not allowed to touch anything!

Turns out, Janoor isn’t just a navigator, she’s a queen! Well, was a queen. Well, she’s only just recently started actually navigating. Also, only queen of a feudal world, so we probably won’t getting much in the form of supllies or payment, but apparently everyone agreed to help. Apparently some RT showed up and messed shit up bad. She’s hiring us to go get her daughter and some knight. I wonder if they’re boning….

There is probably a lot of things with value on Rain, but nobody seemed to care about it. A whole colony of people, just vanished without a trace! The last transmissions said something like, “They’re coming again, they’re coming in the rain.” And nobody’s heard anything since… Sounds like just the place for some priceless artifacts to be hanging around… I want to go, and I know I can convince at least Brute and Emir, Emir already said no, but he likes treasure, I can tell.

On our way to Yurath, I was having a pretty good undefeated streak in the ring at our fight club, and right as I was about to leave, the Krieger stepped into the ring. I didn’t really want to fight, but if she is going to be watching my back in fights, might was well make sure she’s up to it. Well…. She kicked my ass. Good to know though, don’t pick a fight with her.

We were going through the warp just fine on our way to Yurath when Maximiliano showed up again. Nyx was teaching Janoor how to use her forehead eyeball, when he dropped in on them. We all started heading to navigation, until Nyx yelled over the vox that he went into the vents. The Krieger and I were just leaving the ring so instead of continuing to head off to navigation, we moved to protect the gellar field. We showed up just in time to see most of the mercs we had guarding it run out of the room.

About partway through the fight the demon threw one of Krieger’s grenades towards the gellar field. I shot it before it made it back there, but the explosion caused the field to flicker. Luckily, Nyx and Janoor managed to pull us out of the warp just in time, before any other demons showed up. The Krieger and I made quick work of the demon and we waited for Nyx to be back in shape to navigate us the rest of the way.

Over the day of just sitting around, I decided to take the Outlaw out and mess around a bit. Get used to the controls. Better while we’re stuck now, and not stuck in the middle of a battle.

We made it to Yurath, and found Janoor’s city. We took two shuttles down and parked them outside town on the edge of a nearby forest. They’re hidded well enough… Janoor stayed up in the Titansbane. Probably for the best. It looks like there’s a war going on or something. Everything is on fire, including her city. I wonder if the princess and knight are even still alive…

Field Log 834.M41 -0401 Titansbane: Voidspace


The trip though the Maw proved uneventful. The Emperor Protects.

At Port Footfall we met our benefactor, a man named Zulfikar Raheem. An imposing figure, even sitting down he seems to tower over me. I feel even with a battalion of Death Korp behind me I would lose a fight with the man. Killian parted ways with us then.

Zulfikar provided repairs and supplies for our ship along with several personal boons for the inner circle. I was gifted an archaic bolt pistol from his personal armory named “Chain of Command” and command of a troop of reliable soldiers. It is good to see some military discipline on the ship finally.

Repairs on the ship took several weeks, all the while I continued my hunt Maximilliano. Even with a proper chain of command and communication channels he somehow still eluded me. In that time Emir hired our services to a noblewoman named Janoor Yuratha. We are to travel to her homeworld, a feudal world not part of the Imperium, and rescue her daughter and personal guard.

Also, she appears to be an untrained psyker.

She has spent much time acquainting hereself with Nyx learing what it is to be a Navigator, which suits me just fine.

As we made our way to the warp point, something in my gut felt off. I posted guards near the Geller Field Generator, on the off chance I might be right.

Patrolling through the ship as we made our way though the warp, I found that Neck had organized an impromptu boxing match with several crewmembers. Watching him fight one crewmen after another reminded me of how we would pass time on the crusade fleet between deployments. After a few rounds no new challengers were willing to step up, so I decided to have a go. It was a good fight, Neck hits like a bolter round and is built tougher then a Krieg rationbar.

I won of course. He said he was fine but I think he was worn out from the previous fights and that was why I was able to beat him as quickly as I did. When I brought him to the medbay to patch up our wounds I could already hear news of our match traveling throughout the ship. If that little match helped moral so much I will have to continue these fights.

Then all hell broke loose.

Maximilliano had come out of hiding and attempted to kill the Navigators in Nyx’s chambers. A fight broke out and Emir was able to drive him back. Neck and I were to far away to respond in time, and thank the Emperor for that as I quickly got an emergincy form the engine bay as Maximilliano was attacking my men I’d stationed at the Geller Field Generator. I hate it when my gut is right.

When Neck and I came into the engine room we found my men trying their best to stop the now mutated thing that was Maximilliano. Coordinating or efforts to push him back proved difficult as he seemed resistant to most of our weapons. Neck’s Lascannon proved most effective, if a bit worrying as we were so close to the Gellar field for my comfort but we were pressed for results. It proved for naught as Maximilliano managed to wrestle a grenade from my person and lobed it at the Generator, causing a flicker in the Geller field long enough for him to be consumed by the patron he had become a Herald of and with the eruption of a choking cloud of flies he was twisted into a Beast of Nurgle.

Int he face of a true deamon my men were found wanting, save two: Sergeant Donovan Gravus and Lieutenant Tyroden Rhyx, both of which proved covering fire and support as Neck and I battled the deamon least we loose the ship. At the same time it is thanks to Nyx and Janoor that we were successfully able to return to realspace, preventing further deamon incursion. The beast sent screaming back to the warp we were left drifting waiting for our Navigators to recover from the ordeal. In the mean time I posted guards int he Navigator chambers to make doubly sure such an event never happens again.

Janoor seems to have misinterpreted my judgement. We crossed paths once and she attempted to engage me in conversation, but I had duties to attend to and no time for idle chatter. After the guards were placed she inquired if I placed them there because I don’t trust her.

I don’t, but I did not tell her that. Instead I told her it was encase another deamon incursion occurred. I then attempted to edjucate her on the nature of Kriegsmen and our ways, the Emperor and the Imperium. Though brief I hope I imparted some important knowledge to her.

I don’t hate her, but as I said before, she is a psyker. Also, she is an aristocrat, and last I remember it was the aristocracy that was responsible for Krieg as we know it.

I’ve just been informed that Nyx is ready for our entry to the warp, I will write more later.

What is a closet, and what does it mean to me?

The following events took place between some time and a later time, in a much less eloquent manner than could be expressed here.

Within each of us lies a slumbering desire for control, be it on large or small scale. An innate desire to confirm with yourself that the world is not as random and chaotic as it appears, and that your presence has more than a coincidental effect on your surroundings. It is from this desire that we each search for a home, a domain that bends to our every whim to give us that control we desire. For every king a castle, and who does not yearn for that security? To each of us there exists a fortress of solitude, an impenetrable
A door creaks open nearby and a distracted peon wanders in
Cleaning supplies, cleaning supplies…
Smoke billows from between the shelves as a massive claw extends clasping a large canister.
There it is.
Without a second thought, the peon walks out of the room and the door swings shut behind him
An impenetrable labyrinth that only the master knows. What does it mean to acquire true control? What lengths should one go to in order to achieve such a goal? Such a ponderous philosophical question cannot be taken lightly, and it is here I must muse upon it.

Only the dead shall know him

It has been too long since my last update. So much has happened, and so much must still be purged.

I shall not recount the entirety of our adventure thus far, for others have done so and the time is past. To summarize, we have made an enemy of one Sarvus Trask, who utilized this vast resources and influence to infiltrate and sabotage our ship. He also claimed the life our our first mate, and the right arm of Killian Rage. Zarko and I went out to aid him in combat, but we were met with some resistance. However, after a brutal firefight we were able to recover the body of our fallen first mate, rescue Killian, and leave the port.

Overwhelming fear. Miraculous escape

After a time, we made it to Port Footfall. We were introduced to a man known as Zulfikar Raheem. This man and Killian have an interesting relationship, involving some tension regarding lost personnel. Their meeting was crisp, to say the least. However, the man agreed to pay us and refit our ship. He also saw fit to provide us with the amenities and endowments often afforded to new rogue traders that we are so sorely lacking. Emir finally got his weapon. Zarko has a small squad of very curious ships with combat arms. Nyx was granted a very complex machine that enhances our ability to navigate in real space, as well as providing him a method to create incredibly accurate star and warp charts (which he can apparently utilize despite his condition). I received a private study suitable to my research and information gathering needs.

Curious inquiry. Overwhelming gratitude

Now we are a on a mission to rescue the daughter of a feudal world lord who seemingly possesses a powerful navigator gene, and a tremendous aptitude for navigation. I have been withdrawn from this mission, due to my involvement in concerns with our crew at large. After an incident in the life support involving a now thoroughly agitated Maximiliiano, some other residents of our ship had ideas not consistent with the culture and atmosphere i hope to inspire on our great vessel. They have been dealt with, and I shall study their ideals and causes intensely, so I may prevent further incidents.

Dutiful labors. Satisfactory results. Intense joy

Tasks and priorities:

1) Protect our guest.
2) Continue gentle scrutiny of subjects regarding the incident and it’s local effects
3) Inquire about possible methods of navigation training for our guest (should she be so inclined)
4) Continue the purge.

Further notes:
While we have finally achieved an independent and somewhat well funded operation, I cannot help but feel that the trails and costs have been high. The matter of whomever betrayed our ship in the first place weights heavily on my mind, and I shall seek to amend the factors that lead to such a betrayal. I cannot help but remember what was taken from me, and in what manner. I shall ensure it never happens again.

Ductus Exemplo

Kayp Log- Ate
You eat, pandai eat, Janoor steals all your friends...

Waiting for the technomat to be installed was torture! I kept pacing the corridors waiting for it to be finished. I needed something to occupy my brain… Going to find a dark corner, I found a big comfy chair and plopped down in it. Pulling my terminal out, I scanned the encrypted message from my brother again. I had it memorized, all the strange symbols taunting me. The message so close yet so far… Attach8276_20170406_132847.png

“Tell me what you’re trying to say, Kassius..” I mumbled quietly to the strange markings. Started by a ping from my vox caster, a voice announced that the technomat had finished being set up! Unable to control my excitement, I jumped up and took off at a dead run almost knocking over someone rounding the corner to the hallway. “Sorry!” I shouted back, not slowing for a second.

Approaching the technomat my heart leapt with joy. The only other time I could remember being this happy was when Kassius would come home and visit after being away off planet. I sat down at my bench and started soldering. I had an idea for a motion-activated device that would send a signal to a watch or armband to tell you when the device had been activated. Picking up my soldering iron, I heard a strange sound coming from somewhere nearby. What was that? Peeking under the bench, nothing seemed out of the ordinary… Looking behind me suspiciously, I frowned at the empty room staring back at me. Turning back to the task at hand, I continued working on my small mess of metal and wire. Whether distracted by creeping thoughts of Kassius, or the creature that moved in with the technomat, the device somehow caught fire in my hands! Singeing my fingertips for the countless time, I decided to go and spend some time with Nyx. Before leaving, I placed a few crackers on the floor.. Just incase.

Nyx was very distracted with his Xenotech device. He could now see navigation charts and whatnot even though he was blind! I sat quietly as he played with the different settings as he learned his way around the machine. I smiled despite my troubled thoughts; hanging out with Nyx made me feel better. I never really thought about it before but I think Nyx is my best friend.

After awhile, I was feeling much better and decided to go try my luck at that motion device again. Entering my room, my eyes went straight to the crackers.. One of them was missing! Hearing a small shuffling sound, I froze in my tracks, as a ball of fluff seemed to suddenly to appear. His fur was perfectly white and his ears and paws looked as if dipped in ink. He seemed familiar, almost like a plush my brother had given me long ago. I grinned at the memory and crouched low to the ground trying to get a better look at the animal. He seemed oblivious of my presence, his attention solely on the food in his paws. “I’M SNEAKING!!!” I flinch, as Brutes unmistakable shout echoes down the corridors. The pandai’s ear twitches but it didn’t seem to sense any danger. I crept closer, intrigued by this creature; his fur looked softer than anything I had ever seen and his whiskers long and pale. He was simply amazing. A CRASH from the hallway startled me and the creature darted off out of sight. Damn it! Freaking Brute! I’ll try my luck again tomorrow.

The next day:

“we got another job. And a new crew member? Or something.. Her name is Janoor and her daughter and her bodyguard need rescuing. I feel for her… Like I really do. I for one, obviously know the pain of being separated from a family member … But I guess she is some navigator that didn’t know she was a navigator and Nyx is all like ‘I’ll be your friend!’ and now I am here talking to you because Nyx is too busy with his new friend.. and… yeah! This is some bullshit!”
“..I’m sorry…” I suddenly realize, that I am yelling at a baffled kitchen worker who is trying to escape through the double wide swinging doors, their arms covered in food trays.
“No, I’m sorry..” I say apologetically to the stranger and head back off to my technomat to try and occupy my brain.

Just sitting down at my bench, someone busts in the door and cowers in the corner of the room.
“Janoor?” I say surprised and a bit irritated. Why is she in my room?
“How- how do you live with that… thing!” She flinched as Brute could be heard wrecking havoc through the halls as usual. I looked at her frail looking body and realized she was trembling and wringing her hands in despair. I instantly felt guilty for thinking badly of her… Nyx was just trying to help her out..
“Sometimes I give him bananas and he stays quiet.” I replied, unsure of what to say.
“What is bananas?”
You’re bananas!
“These are.” I responded with. I reached over to my table and grabbed a few bananas and gave them to her.

She stared at the bananas and before either one of us could open our mouths to speak again the white and black pandai creature came out of the shadows and crawled in her lap. I stood there aghast. First she takes Nyx away from me and now my secret creature in my room likes her more than me! This is some bullshit!
“This is amazing! Do you have animals like this on your planet?” Janoor asked suddenly.
“Um.. I don’t think so. I have never seen one before in person. This one.. Sort of just showed up out of nowhere. I don’t know where it came from.” I said honestly.
She then started telling me a bit about her land. Vicious dire wolves lived there and other dark and mean creatures.. She asked about my family and I told her about Kassius and how he is missing. She talked about her daughter and I could relate to her yearning to be reunited with her family. Feeling ashamed of myself for thinking badly of this woman I didn’t know, I realized that she wasn’t trying to hurt me on purpose. She was just a scared mother and probably feeling very very lost in this strange world she didn’t understand…
After she was seemingly feeling better, I went to take her back to Nyx’s and found him searching for her in the hallway. I watched them walk away still fighting the jealousy that didn’t want to leave.

A little time later, alarms are going off everywhere. Voices yelling over the microbeads that Maximilliano has returned and tried to bite Janoor! Nyx fought the daemon and beat the crap out of it until it fled and then it was a mad chase throughout the ship. I ran to the bridge to try and lock it into an area but the chase ended in the somethingsomething bay. The daemon Maximilliano, gave Krieger, Neck, and some other soldiers hell and eventually turned into a Nurgle! (I suspect the Nargles are behind it!) After a difficult fight, the men defeated the Nurgle and Nyx was able to promptly get us out of the warp after the electronics flashed dangerously. I have never encountered an all out daemon attack but I heard whispers of the horror stories throughout the ship. I went back to my quarters when all settled down. Arriving once again in my safe place. I sank down in my chair and pulled out my terminal again and pulled up the encrypted message. A tug at my pant leg pulled me out of my thoughts and I looked down to see the fluff ball extending a little black paw toward me.
“Oh, really?” I said, grinning and searched in my pocket for more snacks. Placing a cracker in his paw he jammed it in his mouth and tried to jam his nose in my pocket looking for more. Laughing, I pulled him up into my lap and handing him the remains of the snacks from my pockets. He munched happy away and I hugged him gently. As I hugged the pandai creature, I looked past his head and to the message and suddenly something clicked!
“Hoky shit!” I exclaimed, jumping up from my seat and placing the pandai on top the bench. Grabbing a nearby notebook, I started scribbling down notes and markings trying to make sense of it all. There was a pattern! Suddenly, everything was clear! I could read the message! Snatching the terminal up, I wrote back a replay and sent it out. Snapchat-1200689589.jpg

I stood there unable to move for awhile.. Trying to process what had just happened… It was late and I knew I should sleep for the trip tomorrow. We were going to land on Janoor’s planet soon but I knew there was no way I was going to be able to sleep tonight…

Field Log 834.M41-0318 Port Wander: Edge of the Koronus Expanse


Should I never return to Thical in this lifetime it would be too soon.

Returning from the Hydroponics plant I made my way to the medial bay when Kayp called for assistance. Seems he was trying to check on Maximilliano but found the door locked from the inside. Quick fix, but once inside we found the room painted with blood. The orderly was torn apart and Maximilliano was not in the room. I found an open grate wide enough to fit through and climbed in after him.

Crawling through the life support system I found Maximilliano… or more the deamon he had become, gaunt and thin with long multi-jointed arms. I gave chase, but before I could get very far, blasts rocked the ship and alarms started blaring. Over the micro-bead I hear that the rogue trader Sarvus Trask had come for Killian’s life, and Nett Doze had betrayed Emir and set off charges he had placed all along the Titansbane. The call to repel boarders was made across the intercoms.

I am a soldier once more.

The tense anticipation waiting for the boarding parties to finish cutting though the hull hands thickly in the air.

The smell of blood, gunpowder, and ozone.

The cries of pain, the sound of gun retorts and the clashing of weapons and bodies.

I live only for this.

Repelling Trask’s soldiers proved difficult, but the Emperor was on our side this day and the fight eventually turned in our favor. At some point, Killian and Neck left the ship and were confronting Trask. I moved to provide backup as Sig, Emir, and for some reason Brute move to engage Nett. I make my way to the shuttle Neck used to get out here and find the body of Havoc, which I secure on the shuttle before attempting o provide covering fire to anyone making their way towards me.

Trask proved too much for Killian however, cutting off his arm while some of his soldiers stop Neck from helping Killian, before he made his escape seeing that the tide of battle was no longer in his favor.

Nett is dead, the Warp take him. Unfortunately I had no part in the act. It was hard make out though the smoke but I believe Neck got the killing blow, with a lascannon of all things. Never thought I’d see Sig fight like that, even took a trophy off of Nett.

Back on ship Kayp had done his best to work with the remaining Admechs to coax some life back into the ship. Leaving Thical we were pursued by a pair of raiders which proved no match for a true Ship of the Line like Titansbane.

My time serving as Quartermaster on Lonist II proved useful as I patched up our crew as much as I could. In the medbay I stitched up Killian as best I could as he told Emir to head to Port Wander.

I see the look in Killian. Havoc’s death wounded him far worse than the loss of an arm. He spent a lot of time with Havoc’s body. I’m unsure of the customs form wherever it is he and Havoc come from so I tried to honor him as I would a Krieg. Removing my rebreather I kneal and offer a short prayer followed by the playing of Regentropfen. Unfortunately I lack a recording of the song, and the ship has no piano that I know of so I was forced to hum the song like in the field.

You can only cry when Regentropfen is played after all.

Killian gave me a strange look, I’m not sure if it’s in response to me taking off my rebreather or my tears, but I think he appreciated gesture.

I know the deamon is on our ship, but I am unable to locate him. I will not sleep soundly until I personally put a lasround though its head.

On Port Wander we resupplied the ship and hired more crew before we attempt to make our next trip though The Maw. We will being heading to Port Footfall next to meet a man named Zulficar. Emperor protect us from that place.

7 Degrees of Washburne
2 Washburne Siblings. 1 missing. No apologizes.

Apparently while I was out, some of the crew went on a little adventure, and they brought back an orc…. I.. don’t know what to think about this.

Feeling a bit out of it, I decided to go visit Maximiliano. I hadn’t seen him in a long time and I hadn’t been able to take him any of the incense that I bought. Things didn’t go according to plan… Cracking open the door, I gasped as I discovered the walls painted a bright crimson. Pools of blood spread out across the floor. The nurse.. A dark figure runs by. Not the nurse. Something dark and… evil. Limbs like snakes, what once was Maximilliano, leapt up to the ceiling and disappeared into one of the vents. Quickly pulling back away from the room, I contacted Krieger over the micro bead and informed him of the Max Demon. Krieger, seemingly always ready for anything, was quickly on the chase. Calling Emir next, we quickly had a team forming to hunt down the creature that once was Maximilliano. Running to the bridge, hoping scan the ship for the demon, I stop short, as something seems amiss outside. A man stood outside…

“Sarvus!” An enraged Killian startled me as he entered the bridge. Fixed on the scene happening out the window, I felt paralyzed. Sarvus Trask had somehow managed to get on our ship with a small army and was that?… Nett Doze! Nett Doze brought Sarvus Trask to our ship?! Sarvus tapped into our intercom and in a booming voice he demanded our surrender and that Killian be brought out to him. A gasp escaped me as Sarvus dragged out a battered Havoc. Sarvus threw him to the ground and executed him right on the spot in front of everyone. Killian immediately jumped into action and started barking orders. He didn’t need to tell me what to do. We needed to get off this rock. NOW. Jumping behind the controls, Titansbane didn’t have power! Relaying the message to Zarko, he ran to the engine room to bring our ship back to life. Anxiously pulling on the steering wheel, the damn thing popped off! …The more you know. (Later I should look into getting one with super fluffy grip and volume control for the radio. Just kidding, we don’t have a radio.. But that would be cool. Also sorry for the inappropriate timing for jokes…Humor is a coping mechanism!)

Killigan quickly turned and ran down the hallway. Before he was completely out of earshot I could hear him yelling to Zarko that he needed to retrieve Havoc’s body. What happened next.. is a little fuzzy. Between trying to get Titansbane in order to fly and the smoke outside shielding everything is a cocoon of confusion, it was hard to know what was going on. I saw a blip of The Neck fighting Sarvus. Next he was on the ground. Killigan was out of sight. Our men ran outside. There was an explosion. Corpses lay everywhere… Helpless until the Bane was ready to fly, I jumped on the controls to the guns outside. Using the intercom system, I demanded Sarvus to cease his attack, and aimed the outside turrets at him. He knew I was bluffing.. (Those guns would have pierced large holes into our own ship…) He laughed manically and kept fighting. More people joined the fray. I stared out the front window, trying to keep track of everyone and feeling very helpless, even if Titansbane was ready, there was no way I could take off with so many of our men outside and unprotected… Suddenly, I spotted Nett Doze running across the deck. I attempted to turn one of the turrets to knock him down but was unsuccessful. Seems like it didn’t matter, very soon after he burst into flames! Back to the controls Titansbane roared to life. The smoke was settling and the fight was coming to a close. Sarvus fled with his remaining men, Nett Doze was dead, Zarko seemed barely alive, and Killian lost an arm. As soon as our men were in the clear I had us up and out of there.

Not all was well once in space. Apparently we had some followers; “Wolf Pack” painted on their ships. Sigmund tried to communicate with them but they ignored our transmissions. We quickly overtook them and left them behind drifting in space. We didn’t bother going too close. There would be no salvageable loot with all that radiation.

Killian informed us he would soon be parting ways.. Troubled, I wandered to my quarters to tinker for a bit. That was my safe place to escape my thoughts. As usual, everything I tried to put together, lay lifeless on my bench. Bummed, I decided maybe a walk would be a better idea. Spotting the orc, I attempted to try and sneak over to him quietly. Tripping over my own boots, he spotted me with a quizzical look. He mimics my attempts to sneak and also trips over himself. I laugh and offer him a banana, which he eats whole. I think I made a new friend.

We made port before we went to Footfall, where we were to travel to get paid. We stocked up on supplies and Sigmund, Emir, and Krieger left to find some crew. I went in search for a tech-mat but to no avail. I went to study with the Admechs, which at first, was terrifying as I kept thinking I was seeing Nett Doze out of the corner of my eye. I felt like I learned so much, but upon leaving, the thoughts and ideas I had were fleeting. I couldn’t retain the knowledge I had learned.

Traveling to Footfall was more of an adventure than I realized. We had to warp for extended periods of time and because so we had to pitstop between jumps. After the first warp, we made it to an immense temple made of cold dead rock. Stone spheres hover around the air perfect in every way. Eerily beautiful. The second stop was at a Witch Cursed World. One of the crew was telling me stories of how it was a place of ill omens. Ships would go exploring here and never be seen again. According to some a ghost ship lingered here. The stories made my heart race. Luckily that was not our fate. The third stop brought us to the Battle Grounds. Two brothers came here in a deadly fight and only one would remain after. Hundreds of thousands of ships died here. Some say they could hear the voices of the dead; they heard whispers in the dark. (A GOOD SONG BY SKILLET). Pirates often hid here, which is not surprising seeing how many ships might have something hidden aboard there wrecked remains. The fourth stop was a hermitage space station. It was mostly abandoned but Rogue Traders sometimes met here for secret meetings, hidden away from prying eyes.

When we came out of warp we soon arrived at our destination. It was similar to places we had visited before, large dark buildings with towering spires rising up into the air. It was an Admech planet, I believe, steel and rock were about all you could see. Killian lead us to where Zulifcar dwell. We entered a giant compound at one of the palaces. Guards were milling around the area. As we walked by them, our footfalls made eerie echos that bounced around the strange marble. Soon meeting Mr. Z , I was shocked to see that he was even bigger than The Neck! He was scarred, gray and had muscles on his muscles. It was kinda gross. He didn’t not seem pleased to see us at all. Much like Axl Rose and Slash.. I don’t think they were friends. He ignored us and started talking to Killian. He mentioned that Killian had lost what he had taken from him. I didn’t understand what he meant…. Killian offered Z Havoc tattered and blood stained cloak and he threw it back at Killian… He threw it over himself and left. I hoped we would meet him again someday… He was a great ally. Z turned to use and said he was granting each of us a boon! (A sort of wish) Unsuccessful in my own searches, I nervously asked if I could redeem my boon for a techmat, to which he complied! I was so distracted by my excitement I don’t even know what my comrades asked for or who even redeemed their boons. Before I knew it, Admechs were coming to install my techmat in my quarters! I am so excited to try this thing out! I can barely wait till Saturday! I mean… I can barely wait until a undisclosed point in the WarHammer calendar equivalent of such a day of the week!


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