The Rainwalkers

Titansbane-834.M41-0624: Fault Lines

_As always hunched over; Emir stands motionless, knuckles white from his grip on the stainless steel sink, facing his distorted reflection in the cracked mirror mounted above it in his private quarters.

He looks over to his left, his power sword blade stripped from both the handle and the primary power core – the newly cleaned and polished metal drying on a desk.

He looks down, to the drain trap at the bottom of the basin, the small flecks of gore silting idly as the water runs slowly down the drain – the last remnants of the self-proclaimed Chaos “uprising” that dared cross him.

He looks to the right; the soft tendrils of smoke drift about from the discarded low-sticks scattered about the room; in stark contrast to the neatly-arranged, high-grain glaser and big-bore rounds surrounding his cleaned, almost pristine, field-stripped weapons laid bare upon his cot.

His archeotech heavy bolter lays on two crates pushed together to create a makeshift workbench. Polished to a gunmetal sheen, it gleams with a murderous luster in the low-light; covered with some semblance of wraps to help appease any inhabiting machine spirit, the bolter shell keepsake wrapped around a wire and chain hanging from the obtuse muzzle.

He looks up; straight above is a solitary light-source, the illuminated shadows dancing and fluttering in the desolate chamber. He lets out a heavy sigh.

He takes two fingers on his right hand and traces over his collar bone, the deep scar tissue where the eight-pointed star was carved into him; all the while the words from Sigmund’s retinue meeting echoing dully in his head.

‘No more deception; only loyalty’ he says aloud, almost mockingly. ‘Those were Sigmund’s exact words’, he thinks to himself.

‘Perhaps its better this way’ he says aloud again. ‘Throne damned if you, throne damned if you don’t’ he muses. ‘Its not like anyone even gives a fuck about anyone else in this Void’, he says quietly. ‘Sacrifices were made, only glory remains’.

He looks behind him; the solid grey mass of a container holding his grenade rations, his new pen and some scraps of parchment lay unused on top the lid, almost beckoning with the silence.

‘The others would have figured it out later anyway. Can never trust anyone anymore’, he drawls through gritted teeth. He shoves another smaller crate to act as a seat, then sits down and begins to unfurl the parchment, pen gripped like a dagger in his left hand.

His thoughts a whirlwind, he thinks to himself steadily, talking all the while in his head – ’Can’t let the whole God-Emperor-damned crew know, that’s a fast way to get dead’
’I’ll just tell the main group – at least the ones that don’t know nothin’

‘Sig and Nyx know already, that would leave the Pilot and the Neck’, Emir pauses.

‘I guess that also leaves that misshapen old man’, Emir chuckles.
‘He and I haven’t had a talk yet. From the way he was staring at me in that corridor I thought he would have something to say’

‘Until he talks with me, he doesn’t get one of these’, he thought.

He lets a forlorn grin escape across his face: ‘Of course that Kriegsman knows. She held me at gunpoint twice – especially when she treated my wounds and asked about this mark’

His grin became a scowl: ‘Well if anyone asks again, my answer will be the same. I will not remove this mark. It reminds me of who I am, festers a constant reminder’

A faint echo of memory surfaces, causing his hand to pause ever so slightly, the pen barely glancing the semi-ripped parchment

‘You can never change who you are; you’re just some hivescum with a gun’, he mutters silently. Who told him that? Emir can’t remember.

‘Fuck em’, he swears as he begins to write – addressing the main crew carefully and with purpose._

[Missives have been delivered to Sigmund, Nyx, Zarko, Kayp, and Krieger. I.e., all Emir player secrets revealed. RP with Hodor incoming soon.]


The touch of chaos is aboard the Titansbane. I could not immediately ascertain the source, but I can feel it’s whispers creeping across my mind, vile icy fingers digging nails into my consciousness.

It is the silent gunman from when I first encountered the captain. I pray the Emperor guides me through this endeavor.

Kayp Lerg 12?

I think lack of sleep finally caught up with me. I wake up to stories of Emir being kidnapped and some “Adventure through some vents”. People are chattering excitedly about it but no one is giving many details about it.

Also, Sigmund has finally come out… Yes, you heard it. He likes other men… Joking! I’m joking. He came out and told everyone he has come from a noble family! I guess some shit went down and he has been in hiding for some time. Not an unfamiliar story… But yeah! Emir was a sort of body double and the whole time Sigmund has been the true Rogue Trader. He has stepped up and word is starting to spread.

Shortly after, we arrive on Footfall. We are welcomed by the whole city standing at the port. Stepping out of Titansbane, I wearily look around at all the faces staring at us, remembering our last visit here being a little less than unpleasant. A lot of the crew was pushing through with bags filled with belongings spilling out the top. Shoving through unable to get away fast enough. Some of them paused, along side me realizing that we had the entire attention of the locals of Footfall. What was going on? A low chant started to wave through the mob; voices rising up higher and higher. For a moment, I struggled to make out the words as they started to shout “Rain Walkers! Rain Walkers!” I looked behind me to the puzzled faces of Zarko and the rest, then back to the mob in front of me. Realization hit me and I quickly saw that the collective in front of me was not a mob but a crowd of people celebrating our return! They held up their hands and fists as they chanted, smiles on their faces. Relief swept through me and I released a breath I didn’t realize I had held in. Bumped from behind, a furious looking Janoor rushed past me and struck a man in the crowd.

“You killed my family!” She screamed, the crowd now clearing a circle around the disturbance.

The man quickly recovered and knocked Janoor to the ground with surprising strength and held a gun pointed at her head. He was a short dude with a red cloak and an unapproachable face. He probably didn’t have many friends. Guns came up from all sides, all pointed at the man. He puffed out his chest angrily, he reminded me of a small kitten when it was upset and trying to make itself look bigger.

“My name is Damian Iveries (I think that was his name.. I was too distracted by his lunch stuck between two teeth.) and you men owe me money!” He shouted pointing at Emir and sweeping his finger to the rest of us.

Apparently, we had just officially met the owner of Yurath. There were a lot of angry words thrown around and I missed some of it as I knelt to help Janoor off the ground as Damian’s attention was held by Emir and Sigmund. Once on her feet, she lunged at the man again but I managed to catch her quick enough before she could reach him. Nyx threatened the man if he touched Janoor again. Things were tense as shit. The puffed up man got so upset he soon stomped off muttering about getting payback.

Zulfikar approached and took Janoor under his arm. “I know the pain of loss.” I heard him say as Sig, Zarko, and the others started following him to talk business back at his place. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted Nyx take off into the crowd on a mission. Following close behind we made a large semi circle and ended up back at the Titansbane.

“Where are you going?” I called out with no response.

Nyx remained seemingly locked on to an invisible path I couldn’t see. We entered the Titansbane and ssson we stumbled upon the person that Nyx seemed to be following…

“Who is that?” I whispered, leaning toward Nyx.

Again he didn’t answer. In front of us stood a hooded old man with a face I don’t even think a mother could love… Harsh but not untrue… I think I caught mutterings of “damn pirates” and “Where is he-“. He almost waddled when he walked and inspected the walls as he went on his way.

“What are you doing?” Nyx said suddenly. I had never seen such confidence and authority in him before. I stood up straighter my eyes trained on the man in front of us. Why was this man keeping her on such high alert?

“Where is he?! Where is Captain Chaos Loard?!” the old man quickly turned on us agitated.

“Captian who?” I said confused.

“Who know of who I speak! The Pirate Captain of this ship! This is the Titansbane, is it not?” he spat, his eyes shifting back and forth. I wondered if he was mad…

“This is the Titansbane but there is no one here by that name,” Nyx replied.

“You are hiding him I know it! Where is the Captain?” The man insisted.

Obviously this man was off his rocker… The Titansbane a pirate ship? What a joke!

“He is in the bathroom,” I suddenly said bumping Nyx’s arm with my elbow.

The man stopped fidgeting for a moment before turning around and fumbling down the hallway muttering the whole way down.

We messed with him more. First Nyx told him he was the Captain, then I. Then Sigmund arrived and claimed to be captain. The man did not believe us. His loss. We all know I am every Captain of this ship you will ever meet.

So the Darkness Shall Be the Light, and the Stillness the Dancing

Home is where one starts from. As we grow older
The world becomes stranger, the pattern more complicated
Of dead and living. Not the intense moment
Isolated, with no before and after,
But a lifetime burning in every moment…
Love is most nearly itself
When here and now cease to matter.

—T.S. Eliot

Janoor comes to me as the ship docks at Footfall. “I want to thank you for all you’ve done for me,” she begins, her voice tight. Part of her is angry at me, and I almost wish she’d shout at me, curse my name, blame me for taking her daughter away from her so soon.

“I can’t stay here, Nyx.”

I incline my head silently, half nodding, half bowing. There is nothing I can say that will ease her pain. She steps forward and puts her arms around my shoulders. I flinch, but she doesn’t seem to notice. Draws in a deep, shaky breath.

“When those things first came onto the ship,” she whispers into my ear, “it wasn’t Fyke that she called for.” Janoor’s voice cracks on the name, and she releases me. Shuts the door quietly behind her as she leaves.

I wish she would’ve screamed at me, hit me, anything but this. My knees find the floor, in anguish, in prayer — We were gods, once.

They’re calling us “Rainwalkers”, in reverence, as if we’re some kind of heroes. Is there heroism in despair? When all that stands between you and oblivion is the single small voice of a child wailing for her mother? When you have the means to obliterate entire civilizations in an instant and yet cannot save that one small life? When Death lifts his hood again and only your own useless, void-blackened eyes gaze at you from beneath?


It is only later, in the quiet of Kayp’s room, after he takes my hair down and lays it over my shoulder, and his — her lips finally, tentatively meet mine, that I remember that it doesn’t matter.

Kayp is a blazing beacon. Awe. Longing, despite our closeness. And there’s that deep, almost despairing adoration that I felt in the skies above Rain.

“I love you.” She breathes the words into my ear and weaves her fingers through my hair. Presses her lips to my forehead, mouth, chest. There’s a constant throbbing in my ears, a pulsing roar like a warp storm. Love. That’s what it is, this brightness. It’s warm and it’s safe and it’s life. Alive. I am.

And there’s nothing—nothing in this vast expanse of space—nothing but this, this moment of lovemaking, this presence surrounding me. Shivering from the heat of it and the gentle, relentless touch of kisses to my neck.

My heart is still beating. It’s enough.

A new order

The transfer of power and apparent authority has gone well. Only the moderate impediment of Emir’s slight detour and our subsequent retrieval delayed procedures. There was much less of a reaction than I had anticipated, however I have noted that our professional soldier, Krieger 327, had any sign of abnormal behavior.

Cautious relief. Concerned awareness

Our dealings with the Chaos cultists on our ship was swift and just. I let one live, to spread the word of our intolerance towards the forces of the immaterium, as well as our mercy towards those simply caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. The conspirators themselves were of little consequence, but with moral at an all time low it was necessary to eradicate the threat immediately. I put our designated survivor in charge of something minor. I hope this inspires some form of loyalty.

Swift vengeance. Reserved mercy

Arriving back in port was a very interesting event. We were met with quite the crowd, including what i can only assume to be a tech priest of some sort. They were in disbelief that we had survived Rain, and named us the Rain Walkers. However, not all was well received. We have now met the apparent ruler of the planet we had to purge. He was quite hostile, and took to beating our resident queen.

This was not overly well received by the crew.

After the heat of the moment had passed, he explained who he was and made a grand show of appearing wealthy and important. Although I am certain he is not to be trifled with lightly, I am confident we can turn this negative experience into perhaps an opportunity to expand our trade empire. Some of the greatest riches are found in the most hostile of conditions. However, let the record show this is a detestable man, and had we been in open space there would be far less elegance in his attire resting on headless shoulders.

Slight confusion. Extreme agitation. Moderate curiosity

Tasks and Priorities:

1) Advance my martial training and pursue advanced melee training
2) Replenish the mercenaries and fighting men of the Titansbane
3) Investigate small angry rogue trader and formulate diplomatic options
4) Clean and prepare private negotiation chambers as necessary
5) Speak with 327, and ensure his intentions are aligned with my motivations
6) Implement a slightly more accessible and convenient storage space for private goods (such as fine wine)

Further notes;

I am both exhausted with my new responsibilities and exhilarated with my now open role. I hope this is the dawn of a new age, and I am grateful for Zulfikar’s continued involvement. When my rise to power is complete, he shall be rewarded.

Praemium dignum est,


The old switcheroo

So, turns out…. Emir wasn’t ever the rogue trader here, it was always Sig.

We made it back to Footfall, and were met with a massive crowd at the docks. They demanded proof that we had actually made it to Rain and survived. I held up the research notes I had found on the planet, and handed them forward. There was a long silence from the crowd until the legitimacy of the notes was verified. Then all at once, the crowd erupted in cheers, and they started chanting “Rainwalkers”. We’ve found that the Titansbane crew is actually being referred to as Rainwalkers in normal conversation now. Pretty cool.
The cheering and chanting was cut short as a man burst forth from the front and stormed straight up to us, passing Zulfikar entirely. He started yelling about how we bombarded Yurath. Janoor flat out punched him, and he pulled a gun on her. Within moments all of us had our guns aimed at him, along with a large portion of the crowd. Sig explained why we had ordered the bombardment, and told the man, Damien Iovinus, that it was time for him to leave. He stormed off.

Right as we were about to go to Zulfikar’s, Nyx called on the Vox that there was some strange old man wandering the ship. A few of us returned to…. Help.
Nyx and Kayp were there, and as I walked up I could hear that they were messing with the old man. I almost interjected and saved the man from more ridicule, but then he called this a pirate vessel, and I was obligated to push against that. So I may have joined in as well briefly. He’s very gullible. After a few minutes of us all being shitlords, Sig was finally able to seemingly convince this man of his command, and so myself, Sig, and Emir set out to Zulfikars to explain to him the situation about Sig being the rogue trader, and our encounter on Rain.

It’s been a looooong time since I’ve gotten drunk. But I think after barely making off Rain justified some legendary drinking, and let me tell you, Zulfikar did not disappoint. We spent the night bullshitting about all manner of different things, Zulfikar was a tough son of a bitch, is still I guess. All of us got wasted, even Janoor. As we left, Zulfikar gifted us a case of raenka. Emir and myself each got a personal bottle, and the rest all went into the care of Sig.

The next day, I asked Kayp to create a safe for me. I don’t like carrying this vial around with me, even if I don’t know with complete certainty what is actually in it, if anything. None of the crew know I took it, and I’d like to keep it that way. Once the safe was done, I put the vial and the bottle of raenka in it, and locked it. I’m the only one who knows the passcode to get in, and there are no other ways to open it. I was going to get it psyker-proofed, but I’ve got a plan for if it gets stolen from me, so I don’t need that anymore. With nobody knowing I have it, there should never be a reason that a psyker is looking at it though, so it should be safe there.

After working with the safe, I left on the Outlaw to Zulfikar’s. When I arrived, I ran into Sig. Less than ideal, but everything went fine. After he had finished talking to Zulfikar about the job he had for us, which gave me some serious deja vu, I asked him some questions regarding any powerful, lost artifacts he might have heard of. He took me through to a room far away, filled with all manner of artifacts and showed me the map. He knows he was told it was a map, but he can’t figure out how to use it. I asked what he wanted for it, and that was when he told me it wasn’t for sale. He mentioned that I should visit Draco Saltdune and talk to him. Second time I’ve heard that name now, might be worth looking into.

Maybe after this job Zulfikar will be a little more receptive to talking about a price or favor for that map…

Things Are Different

I’ve returned to port after Emperor knows how long. I can still feel the icy grip of the demon’s tendrils throughout my mind but by the might of the Emperor I will not let it end me or my mission. As luck would have it, my return has coincided with the arrival of the Titansbane and it’s nefarious captain Chaos Lord. The Emperor has granted me this opportunity as reward for my steadfastness in the trials against the demon, and I shan’t make waste of it!

For such a notorious ship, the Titansbane certainly has lax security. I strode aboard showing my ID and they gave no thought to stopping me. Either something is amiss or the arrogance of Chaos Lord has grown to show that it truly has no bounds. I must search the ship from stern to bow.

A pair of incompetent pirates seem to have taken notice of me, but their actions reinforce my initial assertion of their incompetence. In not two breaths I am told of three captains, one of which is Chaos Lord yet I am told he is dead by the hand of another captain. Were it not for my doubts I would have called upon the Emperor to smite these blaggards where they stood.

After no shortage of incessant cries of who is captain, I am finally greeted by a man without the composure of an oaf who has found his way into a dangerous amount of hallucinogenic spores. In short order I have learned that I am far from the time I had known.

And the Rain Cleanses

:Port Footfall:

It is days before I feel well enough to leave my quarters, before I’m ready to weather the inevitable barrage of questions from the rest of the crew. But only Emir approaches me at all. The others are uncomfortable, unsure.

What do you say to someone who has peered through the void at themselves and found nothing?

Emir simply gives me coordinates for our next destination with a reassuring “We leave at your leisure.”

“Now,” I say as I walk past him, toward the command deck and the navigation chamber. The ship slips into the familiar embrace of the warp, and I begin to breathe again.


“They’re in the rain.”

They’re everywhere. Emir is dead. Sigmund is dying. Janoor and Janae are gone, and the others haven’t made it back to the Titansbane at all.

They’re coming through the walls of the ship, clinging to anyone with a pulse and pulling them under, drowning them. Kayp is ahead of me, wrestling one of the things off his arm as the elevator to the command deck opens. We’re the only hope left for this ship.

Kayp flings us both into the elevator and the door slides shut, too slowly, much too slowly. We’re going to die. They’re coming through the walls.

I feel fingers, cold and slick like the dead, clamp down on my arms and pull them against the wall. Kayp shouts, screams, desperately tries to break free of his own bindings, and then everything goes quiet as Death throws his hood over my head.

Suddenly, impossibly, I hear Janae’s voice. A soft, murmuring dirge that sounds as though it’s coming from inside my skull. It rises until she’s shrieking, and there’s a ringing clang of metal severing metal. I find myself on the floor of the stalled elevator, coughing up water. Just water. Janae is dying on the command deck above. I pull my knees up to my chest, breathing in sobbing gasps, and hope that Kayp mistakes the tears running down my face for water.

Instead he presses his lips to my forehead. “Let’s get the fuck out of here.” There’s a painful, desperate affection behind his words.

The crew gathers later in the cargo hold, where Janae Yuratha lays in repose. Emir stands near her head in bitter gratitude as the crewmen file by.

One by one, they leave things—pieces of themselves, proof of their struggle, that they’ve clawed their way through the endless, suffocating void and are still breathing—and I realize I have nothing to give.

My heart is still beating. I hope it’s enough.

Lambs meeting Fate

I fear today, that I cannot keep protocol. My experiences in the past week are too overwhelming to carefully organize and quantify.

I died, Mortimer. We all died.

Although I am writing this now, make no mistake; I should not be here. Our entire crew should not be here. The creature, whatever it was, was far beyond our capabilities to deal with. I daresay that, perhaps, no ship on it’s own could have. It writhed its way through the hull, with thousands of grotesque feelers in the form of spectral predators. It wormed into my ship as though it were carrion, adrift in the void. And it consumed us all.

However, a power I have never seen stepped forth that day. Through the young girl from that barbaric feudal world, something re-wrote fate on our behalf. A force beyond reckoning fixed my mistake, and i know not why.

It is clear to me now, however, that my original plan is no longer viable. It is time to step forward, and reveal my true purpose. Emir has begrudgingly acquiesced to my command, unwilling as he is to step aside as my shadow agent. But it is time for us to maximize our potential, and go back to our strengths.

I only hope the crew will see it my way. They must, for i will bode no insubordination. I shall not repeat our fathers mistake.

With best regards,


Ab umbra ad lucem

Kayp Log 11
Sea creatures are mean bitches

“Get to the Titansbane!”
I jumped as Emir’s voice brought me out of my thoughts, my eyes still locked on the giant creature ahead of our ship. I got caught up staring at its large pale form. Tentacles dangled from its white, glossy body and I was having a hard time figuring out if it was riding the rain or if it WAS the rain.

“We need to leave NOW!”
I hesitated, listening to the shouts and commotion coming over the feed. They were still on the ground… I looked over at Nyx, as I silently debated; as much as I wanted to fly down and try to help my crew on the ground, I knew that they needed me up here more. It was an hour to the surface anyway… By the time they made it up here, they would need the Titansbane ready to go immediately. I kicked the engine up out of its idle state and started to pilot away from, what I now know, is the planet Rain.

As if the giant creature could hear our departure, suddenly it turned its head toward us. I stared in horror, as I took in the beast’s features, or lack thereof. Its face was seemingly flat and it had no eyes or any other distinguishing features; except a huge maw that it opened up at us with a silent roar. Out of its mouth, a murder of flying creatures came bulleting their way toward us. With quick reflexes, I pulled the transport away from the beast and raced off toward Titansbane. The murder was quickly upon us. Looking out, I could see they had taken the shape of a sort of manta ray type creature. They might have been beautiful… but about as beautiful as a Bengal tiger is to a water buffalo. One of the Manta Rains veered sideways and I prepared for it to ram the ship, but instead of hitting us and knocking us right, it latched on and pulled us left. We tipped and I struggled to keep us from barrel rolling as another one hit the other side and attached itself to the opposite wing. I felt the drag of us slowing down but at least we were balanced now. The Manta Rain lost its form and molded itself to the outside of the transport. The once flowing form latched onto the side of the ship and splintered its way up the ship as if trying to swallow it whole. SSSSSTHUNK! One of the Manta Rains, went to latch on and lodged itself inside of one of the engines. The transport started to spin, bogged down on one side. I cut the engines briefly, and fired them up again immediately, running them hot to try and pull away from these creatures trying to consume us. The fire from the engine dislodged the Manta Rain from the engine and we were able to balance out once again.

We made it to Titansbane and Arronax was waiting in the cargo bay. He had a bunch of men waiting and they opened fire on the Manta Rains clinging to our ship. He pointed at me as I ran off the transport and yelled, “Don’t screw this up!” and I nodded without a word. Before turning around the corridor, I spotted Arronax and some men loading up tanks in the transport. I had a bad feeling we would not see him again.

As I ran, I listened to the shouting between the crew still on Rain. Emir had fallen from the transport that Zarko was piloting. He tossed his gun on the ship and yelled at Zarko to flee. Zarko argued but soon there was a garbled sound and then silence… Emir was gone. Nyx and I both came to a stop in the hallway held still by the sudden death of our rogue trader.. Sigmund ran up to us and pointed down the hallway. “Nyx navigate! Kayp pilot!” My eyes snapped to Sigmund; he had a cold fire in his eyes. Without a word, Nyx and I took off again together, Sigmund close behind. He was likely following to the bridge. As we are running, I saw something odd out of the corner of my eye. The Manta Rains were appearing from seemingly nowhere and latching onto the crew of our ship. They no longer held their sea creature form and they now stood upright in a new humanoid form. They were silver in appearance with no eyes or other features, except a large dripping maw that they opened wide in rage. They jumped at crewmembers, grabbing people’s hands and legs immobilizing them. Seeing the onslaught, I spun away from the outstretched arms of one of the Rain Men nearby me. Unaware that one had appeared on my opposite side, it reached out and grabbed my arm sending a shiver through my spine. Its touch was chilling and abnormally smooth. I jerked from it’s unpleasant grasp but it stuck on my skin like gum would to carpet. I stared in horror as the Rain Man’s hand morphed around my arm and splintered up to my shoulder.

Janoor suddenly appeared from around the corner. She shoved Janae away from one of the Rain Men and shot it with a giant pistol. Where did she get a gun?! As Janoor’s attention was drawn by some Rain Men front of her, Janae was suddenly pulled to the ground as another Rain Man snuck up behind her. Fire burned inside of me and I struggled to try and aid her to no avail; I couldn’t break the creatures grasp. Nyx approached Janae, and he held out his gun to the creature, holding onto the young girl. As Nyx fired off a round, a humanoid grabbed onto his arm and wrenched him to the side, causing his shot to go astray and hit Janae in the back. I think I screamed. There was so much screaming; so many people shouting and falling to the ground. Sigmund approached me and shot at the creature latched onto my body, breaking me free from its grasp. I hesitated beside Sigmund, staring at the scene around us. I couldn’t pull my eyes away from the fallen Janae and Janoor desperately trying to pull her daughter up from the ground and out of the grasp of the Rain Man. I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t move. I knew I was the only one left to pilot Titansbane but… my family..
“KAYP. PILOT. NOW!” Sigmund command fiercely in a voice I dare not disobey. He was right… The lives of the many.. I needed to fly us out of here… As I started to run, the last thing I saw was Sigmund approach the fallen Janae and Janoor. Janoor was now also entangled in the creeping tentacles of the humanoid as she tried to pull the almost unconscious Janae free. Sigmund aimed his gun at Janoor and shot her… A mercy killing.. far less cruel then the fate of many others. Sigmund was then overtaken on both sides by humanoids, held fast in his place. A third humanoid approached from behind and I witnessed it open its huge maw and envelope Sigmund’s head like a hood. They were suffocating him..

I need to fly us away from Rain.. Nyx and I are the only ones that can get us out of here.. I spun around and found Nyx with a Rain Man on either arm. He struggled and wrenched one wrist free from one of the creatures. I opened fire on the one still holding his other hand and it absorbed my shots as if nothing happened.

“We are alive everyday on the void because someone else died for us” Arronax’s voice transmitted over the intercom and them everything went silent. The creatures everywhere seemed to recoil for a moment and I knew that Arronax was gone forever… I didn’t have time to imagine what he did with those tanks but whatever he did gave me just enough time. I grabbed Nyx’s outstretched arm and threw my gun at the creature in desperation with my other hand. We broke free.

We ran down the hallway. I knew no one elses fate but we ran. The screaming was starting to become muffled as we left the crew behind us. Maybe we could save them. If we could get to the warp, if I could pilot us away from Rain, maybe the creatures would retreat. I had to believe they would retreat.. We could save everyone. I could save them. Distracted by my thoughts, I dodged away from a Rain Man but sprinted too far away from Nyx. He got pulled by one of the humanoids and it attached itself to his side. I grabbed ahold of Nyx’s forearm, and the splintering tentacles of the humanoid spread out over my arm going up to my shoulder once again. I had no gun, not that that was much help in the first place. How to destroy a creature from Rain? A flash from the transport flight here came into my memory. The fire from the engine un-lodged that Manta Rain out of the engine. Fire! We need fire! But we were nowhere near the kitchens… I tried to pull Nyx free but I was starting to feel exhausted. We were just not strong enough. We were trapped where we stood, unable to make anymore ground to the elevator, which stood just down the hall. Infuriatingly close and yet so far away. The bridge was just up that elevator. The bridge to freedom. Where I could fly us away from here… I grasped my sword in my hand and looked at Nyx, then to the creature, then to our surroundings. Something that makes fire… I frowned at the metal pipes beside us in the hallway. Could this work?

Flinging my arm with as much strength as I could muster, I swung my sword at the metal trying to create a spark. The sword let out a deafening ringing against the pipe and a huge dent in the metal appeared but it was to no avail. Suddenly, we broke free. I was unsure if it was the vibration from the hit, the horrible sound through the hall, or the desperation from Nyx but we made out away. Luckily the elevator sat at the floor we were on, the door immediately opened, and we threw ourselves inside. I jammed the button to the bridge and looking at Nyx, I almost smiled as we made our getaway. It was short lived as I watched in horror as two Rain Men came through the wall of the elevator and pinned Nyx against the opposite wall. I cowered against the opposite wall unable to help as Nyx’s arms were pinned to his sides. The piercing cold latched onto my side as a creature appeared from the wall beside me and I looked around the elevator quickly taking everything in. I didn’t have fire in this elevator but I had electricity. If these creatures were from Rain then maybe their genetic makeup would mostly be made up of water. Water, which can be heavily effected by electricity. I hit the control panel with the butt of my sword trying to get at the precious electricity inside. I glanced at Nyx as a creature came out of the wall and opened its mouth, hooding Nyx’s head.

Nyx was suffocating! I had to save him! He could not die! The creatures pulled at me and I was pressed to the wall. I swung wilding again at the panel, until the faceplate covering the buttons fell away, and the wires beneath hung exposed. My free arm now pinned by the spreading tentacles, fumbled to reach the wires. The elevator came to a grinding stop as the tangled mess of wire shorted and the doors opened to reveal that we were between floors. Fighting and shouting flooded the elevator and looking up I could see my seat. My seat to our freedom. I was almost there. I could still save us. I could still save Nyx. I tried again to reach for the wires. I just needed to touch the creature to the bare wire… I just needed- All thoughts faded away as a hood covered my head and I could no longer breathe or see. Everything is cold. Everything hurt. Then nothing hurt….

Janae started to sing. She sang a lullaby that we had all heard once before. The sound of chains filled the air. The rattling of chains followed by a voice. A voice we could never forget.

“I am your sword”

The tight grip fell away. The hood over my head disappeared and suddenly I was drenched in water. I collapsed to the ground on my hands and knees as I chocked on the water that was in my lungs. The Rain Men had liquefied and all that remain was the puddles around the floor. Janae and Fyke had saved our lived once again… I struggled to stand feeling exhausted and determined to keep going. Nyx sat propped against the opposite wall of the elevator tears running down his face. I bent down and kissed his forehead relieved that he was seemingly physically unhurt.
“Lets get the fuck out of here.”

A lot of the crew didn’t wake up from the attack; suffocated by the creatures of Rain.. Brute did not wake up either. Zarko went to retrieve Emir who was still on the planets surface and I prepared the ship to leave. Shortly after Nyx had us in warp and far the fuck away from that evil place. Janoor was sent to med bay and Janae obviously did not recover… She saved all of us. Now she was reunited with Fyke. I knew wherever she was now she was smiling hand in hand with her guardian. We had a small ceremony for her. I left her ball and my coin of luck… They were hers. On the way back to safety we passed by a peaceful looking star and released her our in space. I quietly went to my quarters after. I scooped up my pandai and buried my face in his fur and wept. I wept until my eyes were dry and I was too exhausted to stay awake. Hopefully tomorrow is a better day.


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