The Rainwalkers

And it's as exciting as it sounds

Coming down to land for the first time since acquiring the taking stuff, the opportunity to escape the prying eyes of the fleshies is readily welcomed. The potential to find necessary research supplies is there, so the only question is if I can.

The fleshies decided to start a fight after accepting an absurd business proposition, and promised our taking stuff away in the process. Without even knowing what it was. I have subjected myself to these idiotic whims for too long, and left the fleshies to their own devices once they opened fire.

I will search for my supplies and enjoy the respite from stupidity.


We were able to make it off the penal planet with our new friend. Killian Rage is his name. And friend may be a loose term.

After promising us riches and supplies, we spent 3 days in a steaming jungle and infiltrated a supply base only to me meet with several containers of acidic liquid. And no supplies.

Tremendous irritation

I apologize for the lack of proper entry, but I am currently working on a plan to…increase my information extraction techniques. This requires a great deal of thought, and I only hope my generous allocation of space on this vessel is enough.

We shall see.

Quick Log: What is a Man?

But a miserable flesh coil doomed to insanity?

I encroach this entry on the run as I make my way through the swath of the crowds aboard our Destiny bound vessel.

Our timid, resident press-ganged Master of Flight, Maximilliano, has been driven to madness by the unfortunate musings of our Admech and Master of Smallcraft, “ze Neck”.

I’ll have to applaud Zarko and have a talk with the Admech. Zarko has inadvertently proven his mastery of intimidation and cunning; regardless of his mastery of the situation.

Meanwhile our Admech must learn that to exploit the mind and body will only function to greater means if the subjects actually have a mind. I have experienced that myself first hand; if not forcibly during my term in confinement.

Either way; now I’m running about our gangplank attempting to search for this newly christened madmen in the attempt to lock his miserable spine into either the brig or medbay. I haven’t decided which.

If he dares infect others with his instability I will be forced to take more drastic action.

Am I an asshole?
We'll get to that in a bit...

Am I an asshole? I was only trying to help Jimmy 2.0, truly! But we’ll get to that in a bit…

After collecting our dead drop (the man mentioned previously), Maximilliano got us all back to the ship safe and sound. He used to be a really great pilot. Again, we’ll get to that in a bit. Sigmund kept the station oblivious to us fleeing thanks to some quick thinking. On our aproach to the ship, the Krieger jammed the communication systems of the two Swordfish “escorts” the militia had placed to guard over of our ship.
We decided to flee, just in case we ever needed anything from Thical in the future, better to have to explain a retreat rather than a slaughter. On our retreat I fired all the guns, and it was beautiful. We should do that more often. We also bumped a ship during our retreat. We should try to avoid that more often.
At the same time, Nett Doze was still going batshit crazy. I found him carving his name into the transport we stole while smiling. I’m pretty sure he was planning on sending it out into the black when we warped away, glad we stopped him when we did, but less glad that he hasn’t gotten any less crazy. We’ll get to that in a bit…
We quickly escaped the frigates, and while on the way to the warp point we investigated this mystery man we picked up from the planet. Him and Havoc seem to know each other, and look to be old friends.
His name is Killian Rage, and he seems like a pretty alright guy. I hate it. There’s just something about him just rubs my neck wrong.

He complimented my helmet, and I’ve decided that I was to steal his cloak.

Yes. I already have a clock that is identical in all but color. Yes. It’s doubtful it will even fit me. I could use it as a washcloth maybe? Or just throw it in the trash. Am I an asshole?

Killian told us that for our payment we would need to go collect some supplies from a planet called Endrite. I have been on far too many missions where the goal was always just out of reach, always going to a new place or new person, never actually getting anywhere though. I can’t help but feel like we’re never going to get paid for any of this…
After a little bit, we were told that not only were we going to Endrite to steal these supplies, but that the supplies belonged to a rogue trader named Sarvus Trask. Apparently Trask “crossed” Killian. I’m curious as to how much truth lies in that. We should keep an extra eye on him and Havoc.

I had seen Maximilliano a few times in passing, he would always avoid my gaze and start to cry. I was pretty sure he was missing his family so as a gesture of solidarity, I’d give him a little punch in the shoulder and knowing grunt. He ran away screaming and crying every time. I thought I was being friendly, but I may have been an asshole….

Nett turned the transport into a merchandise booth for himself, and scared people into buying things. He’s still crazy. I don’t even want to think about the chocolate bars.

I won some bullets gambling during the warp trip. The whole family broke down crying, apparently they were their only possessions. That’s just sad, gambling with their livelihood like that. They need an intervention.

I lost Maximilliano gambling. He did not take it well.

It cuts extra deep because that was the family that I took their bullets. I thought they’d have learned to stop gambling by now because they were so irresponsible before…. Wait. I am an asshole, aren’t I?

Sigmund, who as of yet has not shown to be an asshole, bought Maximiliano back from the family. Everyone wins! Well, everyone except Maximilliano. We broke him, and he went into hiding. Dude’s been a straight up phantom. Nett didn’t help. We’ll get to that in a bit… No you know what? We’re getting to it right now. Dude hid modified Vox’s all throughout the ship that all just endlessly played a recording of himself whispering “Maximilliano”. I blame him for the fall of this angel.

All in all I’m very impressed with Nyx, that first time we left the warp left a lot to be desired, but since then everything has been smooth, haven’t even had any hiccups in the warp.

We made it to Endrite, found the facility, and brought down the transport on the far side of the mountain the facility was on. The Nett Doze shuttle. It was all we had. I’m fairly certain it won’t be discovered, that jungle is thick.
Took us four days, but we made it to the back of the facility. There was a suspiciously light guard regiment there, and we snuck inside easily, without detection. Inside we found endless rows of large drums, which instead of being filled with supplies and weapons, were filled with a bright amber acid. Killian seemed equally surprised, though I’m not sure I believe that. Goal is always just out of reach. Convenient, just not for us…

We loaded up 3 transports with the drums, and connected a grav vehicle to one, while the Krieger went and disabled the defenses. As we were just getting ready to leave, one of the guards came into the building, for the second time. The first time he came in was short and uneventful, but this time he came in with his shotgun at the ready. He wasn’t expecting someone to come up from behind and immobilize him, and in the moment of confusion I stabbed him and ended the confusion.

I cut off his head, threw his body in the acid, and traded the head to Nett in exchange for his acidic stick. Even if the acid isn’t even acidic anymore. It looks like it could be important. I am certain I can convince some chump its valuable.

There was a brief, yet very boring fight during our escape, the handful of guards had no effect on the transports flown by Kayp, myself, and….. Killian.

Back on the ship, Maximilliano had been located and subdued. He looked like crap, he’s in the infirmary now, but he may be too gone for us to help him. It’s a shame. I really liked him.

Kayp Log v3
Tinkering/Borken Friend/ A land vehicle!

Maximilliano takes us off the planet. As we take off, space marines fly underneath of us swarming the area; they are unable to follow us outside of the atmosphere. The wardens of the planet were able to give us some grief as we were attempting to exit though. Attempting to book it out of there, Titan’s Bain lurches and smashes into one of the warden ships spinning it 180; The Neck was at the guns. Trying again, this time taking into account the force of the fire, I pilot us away so Nyx could get us to warp.

The Neck suddenly races off, as there is a terrible grinding coming from the cargo bay. Nett Doze is carving his name into the transport ship! What is he doing and where does he plan on going with that ship? It doesn’t look good. I attempt to lock the cargo bay door from the cockpit but the terminal isn’t communicating correctly. Running to the cargo bay to help The Neck, Nett Doze has disappeared! I briefly assist searching for him but what would I do if I even found him? I abandon the task.

Wandering the many hallways and rooms, I look for bits of things to use for tinkering. I find quite a lot this time. Whossits and whatssits galore! My thoughts wander to the newcomer. His name was something weird… Like Kill-a-mon Fury or something. Maybe he was a pissed off Jamaican. Either way, I doubt his mom gave him that name. Him and Havoc seemed very chummy. I didn’t participate in the investigation against Havoc, but their alliance makes be very uncomfortable. I’ll just try to stay away from them and just keep doing what the captain asks. Nyx says Emir is good people and that is good enough for me.

Making it back to my bunk, I plop down all my findings on my workbench and pull out my small terminal. Scrolling through the massive amounts of information I see nothing about my brother. I guess that’s a good thing. It means he is alive at least. The most I was able to find was some feed about the mafia’s infestation on my old Hive planet. I will never be able to go back home…

A loud commotion snaps me out of my thoughts. The cargo bay again? Nett Doze must be escaping! Running back to the cargo bay, I see a mess of color and people. Squeezing through the crowd, I can finally read the sign, “Nett Doze Merch!” Amused, I purchase one of the Nett Doze toys, careful to avoid… I can only describe as “not chocolate”. Leaving the cargo bay, I find myself on my way to Nyx’s only to realize he is piloting us through the warp. Bored and disappointed, I head back to my bench and disassemble the toy to see how Nett Doze got it to work. A lot of the guts were similar to pieces I had found around during my rummaging.. I must be on the right track! Attempting another gadget idea, the invention crumbles apart. Its just not clicking! How did he make this from nothing?! Staring at the gears and bits of metal in despair, a sudden thought hits. He has a crap ton of these things. He must have blueprints! Sneaking into Nett Doze’s quarters was not a great idea. It was not even a good idea. Lets be real, it was probably the worst idea I have had on this ship so far… And it went badly. I made it inside the door and overwhelmed by all of his… I don’t even know… he caught me almost immediately and flashed his red eye at me. Just when I thought he was going to laser me, he hands me a Nett Doze toy, and shoves me back out the door. I take off running and don’t stop till I’m back at my bench. Disassembling this toy, I realize that some of the pieces are starting to make sense, but before I can learn more, I am called to my seat at the cockpit. Nyx got us safety out of the warp storm and now it was time to go to Endrite.

Endrite is beautiful. The sun is sapphire and the planet is covered in luscious green trees. Our pay, aka Mr. Fury’s traitorous friend’s cargo, is going to be a few days travel from where we land. In preparation of our departure to the planet, I search around for some snacks. I’m looking for a circular type of flat… biscuit? With candy bits inside. I feel like it would taste good with milk. I have no name for the snack I search for; I don’t even know how I know what I am looking for. It probably tastes amazing though. I find some fruit though and I take that instead. This is pretty good too. I spot Maximilliano… I don’t know exactly what happened to him, but because of some of the crew, he is different now. I know The Neck had something to do with it and I am very unhappy about it. Max was a good friend.. Knowing that the sight of anything alive scares him I sneak up behind him and put a piece of fruit in his hands. Maybe he will remember our friendship. I sneak away quickly from him so not to scare him. He didn’t scream. That’s a good sign.

The Neck pilots the “Nett Doze” ship to the planet and we safely land in a beautiful meadow. I plummet quickly to the ground after attempting to climb a tree to get a better view of the land. We find the berries on this planet to be poisonous despite the fact that Nyx feels small animals running around the tall planets. I wonder if they are immune to the toxins? Brushing myself off, I try to track some of the creatures to see if they have a path trailing through the forest. They would know a safe route. Getting caught up on some branches, I trip, and at this point, I’m sure everything close by has been scared off. Starting off through the forest was frightening but also very stunning; the moon cast everything in a pale blue and despite the low light we made it through without a hitch. Arriving at the base of a dark and sharp looking mountain, we were able to make it up easily.

The base lay below, quietly sitting and seemingly inviting us to approach. The men there passing by once every 20 minutes; it did not seem very well guarded. As you can imagine, getting inside was a breeze. Everyone scattered once inside. I wandered around the warehouse looking for paperwork on the barrels that littered the ground. Nothing could be found. The barrels unmarked, we cautiously pried open to discover amber liquid and a terrible stench. Nett Doze pulled a toy, from where I will never know, and dipped it into the barrel. The toy was gone as soon as it kissed the surface. Melted. Three transport ships lay quietly in back and at the word from Emir I quickly started loading up the barrels into the ships. If this was our “pay” we were going to take it all. Or as much as we could at least. Maybe we could sell it to pirates and tell them it was a new rum with extra spice! Haha That would be a terrible idea. My thoughts were interrupted as a guard wandered into the warehouse. I quickly shoved the container I was trying to move back into place, and dove into the ground vehicle I was using, before be spotted. I hoped I could get these all loaded before something stupid happened. Moving quietly, I continued loading the ships. The moment the third transport ship is full of “Spice Rum” and the ground vehicles attached we get a bit of a complication from the guards. They decide to wreck the party. Jumping to the cockpit of one of the ships, I get it fired up and shout to Emir that we are ready to go. From my view, I can see Sigmund and Nett Doze getting shot at by the men outside. I push the ship forward to try and block them from the fire but the transport moves awkwardly and the nose gets stuck in the doorway. Relieved, I spot Krieger run up and he assists in killing the guards. Sirens blare, and knowing more guards will be on the way, I lead the way out of the base and up in the air. The Neck clips the trees as we zoom above the forest reaching higher and higher in the air to leave the atmosphere. We are not followed. Luckily, the base wasn’t that well protected… But if these barrels were that valuable you think they would be better guarded. Hopefully this wasn’t a fool’s errand…

Dread was filling up my thoughts when we made it back to the ship and I wandered back to my bunk. Distracted, I burned my fingers on a gadget I was attempting to work on. I needed something else to distract myself. We had some time before we made it to Thical to resupply. My thoughts wandered to Maximilliano. A piece of fruit in hand, I wandered around attempting to find him. Some of the others were looking for him too. Whispers from the crew traveled around. People spotted a dark figure rounding a corner in the side of their vision or shuffling sounds in the air vents. The Neck did successfully find one of his “nests” with writing scrawled on the wall. I didn’t personally see it but some of the crew described it as “not chocolate” smeared on the wall in cryptic letters. Some described it as blood. Either way it seemed Nyx and my friend was long gone… Not long after discovering the nest, he was captured. He was taken to infirmary and belted down so not to hurt himself or others. Hopefully we would be able to help him. He screamed whenever he saw anyone. Neither Nyx nor I could even get close. Hopefully on Thical maybe we can find something to help him…

Titansbane Navigator Audio Log

:Entry IV:

The dead drop was a person. This is apparently unusual, judging by Emir’s reaction. We were able to escape from Sheol (and the wardens) with said dead drop in tow, and he introduced himself as Killian Rage. Apparently he is also our employer. He related his tale of how he was first mate to a rogue trader called Sarvus Trask, who betrayed him and imprisoned him on Sheol. Now he wants revenge.

We’re headed for a feral world called Endrite to raid a cache belonging to Trask for supplies. It’s not far, and should be only a few days in warp.

In other news, I foresee Nett Doze’s antics becoming a problem. Sigmund and Zarko caught him in the hangar bay carving his name into the transport we used to leave Sheol. Why.

:Entry V:

We hit a warp storm, but I was able to avoid any substantial damage to the ship, and we only came out two weeks off course. Emir seemed pleased.

The pilot that we picked up from Sheol has been acting strangely since we came out of warp. I hope the warp wasn’t somehow traumatic for him. It’s always frightening the first time. I asked Sigmund about him, but he wasn’t forthcoming with any details.

We’ve arrived at Endrite, and we’ll have a three-day trek on the surface to get to the facility unnoticed, or so Killian says. I’m concerned that Emir seems to trust him more readily than he should.

:Entry VI:

The supply run was not as fruitful as Killian had imagined. All we found in the warehouse were barrels upon barrels of some unknown chemical substance, corrosive, or so Sigmund tells me. Killian says we’ll have to travel to Thical to see if we can sell the stuff for actual supplies. I hope Emir is as suspicious of Killian’s intentions as I am.

Our resident pilot (everyone calls him Maximilliano, and when I asked him his real name, he wouldn’t say, or couldn’t remember) seemingly has gone insane from relentless torment by…certain members of the crew. Sigmund wouldn’t say who, but I’m absolutely sure that Nett Doze had something to do with this, judging by the way he’s been gleefully strutting about the ship, yelling his own name at the top of his lungs. He seems solely concerned with his own ego. He is a vile creature, and is a danger to everyone on this ship. How Emir and Sigmund tolerate this behavior is beyond me. They should know better.

The Kingdom is born

The newest fleshy, also known as the dead drop, seems to be an important fleshy. I’ve named him Flesho. Flesho also seems to indicate that there is stuff somewhere. Stuff for taking. Usually stuff worth taking is stuff worth selling. The fleshies are going to take me there now.

The other fleshy we acquired isn’t adapting well, and it’s quite entertaining to watch. I’ve taken a liking to him and given him the greatest honor I can think of, by naming him Fleshy.

The first Intergalactic Nett Doze day goes off without a hitch.

Upon arriving at the stuff taking location, I’ve decided to ignore the fleshies for the next few days. The surroundings provide enough distraction for the time. Fortunately the distraction is worth the wait. Free stuff abound, including transport vehicles. My own will be left behind, my name carved into it for generations to come. Along with a plaque, thanking the derps who left behind the taking stuff for their contribution to the Kingdom of Nett Doze. The foundation has been built.

Arrival at Sheol XVII-834.M41-0128
Tenuous Infiltration of System. Crew injured from crash.

Several months of warp travel later, we arrived in the system of Sheol XVII. Upon arrival we were greeted by two potentially hostile patrol ships for the penal colony on this world. Our attempts to convince them our intentions were noble (and sanctioned) failed and we were told to depart before negotiations became hostile.

Furious Irritation

However thanks to the quick thinking of our newfound explorator mechanic, we were able to convince them to come aboard our ship and investigate further (Doze is an exceptional actor, highly dedicated to the cause). We convinced them he was a dangerous fugitive responsible for actions at Gunpoint, and that we were personally responsible for his delivery to the penal colony. They agreed to escort us to the planet.

Stunned disbelief

We sent him with their guards and our own chosen military personnel. We then utilized one of our shuttles and attempted a discrete and prompt trip to planet fall. Unfortunately, our shuttle took our pilot far to literally and we impacted the surface in a fashion unsuitable for either my previous adjectives.

Tremendous fear. Significant discomfort

Emir and I were able to fling ourselves from the ship before full impact, and roused the others (Nyx stubbornly refused to awaken) before we unexpectedly were met by our wayward explorator who had miraculously obtained a second shuttle. After I gently convinced the pilot to become our (temporary) guide and comrade, we traversed the surface to the predetermined coordinates to complete our mission.

Growing relief. Curious apprehension

After a brief time of searching, we were approached by an individual who seemed to know our intentions. He scaled down the side of the crater and told us simply it was time to leave.

This I can agree with.

Tasks and Priorities:

1) Apply subterfuge and stealth to any further combat situations (training still in order)
2) Commend military oriented comrade for his role in distracting curious parties (and inquire about accolades/impeccable dress)
3) Speak to our pilots about speed vs safely in future descents to planet side
4) Commend explorator on resourcefulness (and inquire about acting lessons)
5) Leave the surface of this planet with both new acquaintances in tow
6) Remind our friend of his new name (remind Zarko as well)
7) Depart system immediately. Destroy any obstacles

Further notes:

Although our warp travels took more time than expected, our journey was otherwise without incident. Our navigator and pilots are of pristine quality, and we have much to be grateful for to have them. Emir is anxious to put this ship and it’s crew in order, as well as to make our dynasty grow. However, it may be that his enthusiasm is mixed with some paranoia, as he nearly alienated our first mate. Though I cannot shake the feeling that his caution is not wholly unwarranted. If not the first mate, there is certainly someone involved here who does not share our interests, and this ship may quickly turn into a deathtrap. I shall investigate further. For now, my elation knows no bounds as we are finally capable of acquiring true profit and prestige. It shall only be a matter of time.

Vengence ad patrem,


Sheol, dead-drops, and blows to the back of the head: 834M41-0128

I’ll have to remind Havoc to get a cleaning crew to sweep this deck again.
This cold steel floor is quite filthy.

Then again, I didn’t expect to be rubbing my face in it. Karma has once again shown me what happens if I let my guard down for any period of time.

Karma; what a hilarious joke. I’ll have to tell Sigmund that one.

Either way, its very fortuitous that two things occurred prior to my negotiations with the floor of the command deck:

1] I had a great chat with our resident Exmilitant regarding exactly half of my tale; his personal convictions are both neurotic and exemplary. The more I converse with him the more I like his character. I will enjoy our exploits a great deal later.

2] On my way down I noticed Sigmund nod understandingly; clearly his wits are as sharp as the day we met: and I knew what he meant. Otherwise it would only have taken a word and our resident skull-collector’s sternum would have been filled with projectiles

Alas, as quick as my anger was to rise as my body were to fall, the plan ended up working fairly well given the circumstances. Our Mechanicus has reminded me that while patience is a virtue, it sometimes is not the best path. And if its one thing I can count on is that I learn far more from awry misgivings than I do well laid plans. I’ll have to find more skulls for him later; he has earned a form of payment, but not my trust.

Meanwhile later we managed to arrive planetside without engaging a blockade; our Kriegsman escorted our our now-resident “prisoner” into the processing segment of the fortress, our Voidmasters almost killed us as Sigmund and I vaulted out from the back of our small craft, and Nyx was knocked and thrown around like a marionette with its strings cut.

All ends justify all means; and now we are trudging through these barren wastelands and snowbanks to welcome yet another drifter aboard my ship.

What joy.

::Titansbane Navigator Audio Log::

:Entry I:

Our captors were too unsure, too distracted, too disorganized. Although I suppose one can’t properly prepare for a ground assault from a cruiser. Chaos. Kayp said the entire dock was destroyed by the turrets.

It seems that the frantic (and very much dead) man from the surface seems to be the only one who knew any details about our destination or goal. Convenient, Sigmund said later. Emir has been less than discreet with his distrust of the crew and mission.

Three weeks to a “safe” warp point on the outer rim of the system. Should be about 10 days in warp after that, if my calculations are correct.

:Entry II:

We ended up off course by over a month. Less than optimal. I was expecting a lecture, but Emir seems wholly distracted with keeping tabs on the ship’s crew. He suspects a trap, and I can’t say I disagree.

I’ve been spending more time with Kayp on the command deck. He’s been helping me with my star maps, and says he’s developing a doorway alarm system on the ship for my benefit. It’s wildly unnecessary, and I told him as such, but it seems like he won’t be deterred. I should be offended, or at least irritated, but it’s nice to be looked after.

:Entry III:

We were hailed outside orbit of Sheol XVII by its wardens. Nett Doze (he insists we refer to him by his full name at all times) took on the role of crazed “prisoner” by nearly knocking Emir out with a blow to the back of his head. The wardens bought it and we were allowed into orbit, but Nett Doze’s methods are disagreeable at best. I can’t trust a man who smells like death. Sigmund told me to “keep and eye” on him if I was so worried. That had to have been a joke.

327 will escort our “prisoner” hopefully all the way down to the planet’s surface where we’ll all meet back up, but I doubt they’ll let him go that far. I almost admire Nett Doze for willingly walking into captivity. Almost.

Meanwhile, the rest of us are going to “drop” to the surface, as Kayp put it, which apparently consists of free-falling through the planet’s atmosphere. Sounds like suicide to me, but Kayp has proved himself to be a capable pilot, so I choose to remain cautiously optimistic about our chances of survival.

Time to go. Hopefully this won’t be my last entry.


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