The Rainwalkers


Wow, so much to get caught up on.

We were still on Thical, had just finished clearing out an orc infestation, and actually got an orc on our side, he’ll be with us for a while yet it seems. I like him, he is really good at helping us kill things.

We got back to the ship and were getting ready to head out to Port Footfall to get paid. Now, I wasn’t too sure that there was even going to be a Footfall with the way our luck has been with getting paid, but I was up for the trip. Even though we’re not always paid, seems more often than not we find some kind of trouble to keep me occupied.

We were all set to leave, but then Trask showed up, with a significant force. He had been searching for Killian. He threw a beaten and bloody Havoc to the ground in front of him, and proceeded to shoot him over and over again. One shot would’ve been a kindness to Havoc, it was clear from his wounds he wouldn’t recover, but he must have ran through a full clip. Killian took it about as well as you’d expect. Before any of us had a chance to react though, Nett fucking Doze walked up next to Trask, and clicked a detonator.

The Titansbane erupted.

We scrambled from the bridge and started preparing to fight back, as Trask’s men began cutting into our ship.

After repelling the boarders for a few minutes, Rage called for me over vox. He needed a pilot to get Havoc’s body back on our ship while he kept Trask busy. I landed near Havoc, and on my way to grab him, I saw Killian and Trask through the smoke. I wasn’t about to let Rage kill himself just because Havoc died, I moved towared the fighting when I was stopped short by a figure in the smoke.

Nett Doze stood in front of me, power axe at the ready. He lodged it into my shoulder, and I used the opportunity to shoot him point blank with my pistol. His head appeared to have exploded, but the next second he was fine. Another hit and I passed out. I awoke to see Sig fighting Nett, who was close, but didn’t notice I was awake. I hit him again with my pistol, and I swear I tore him in half with a burst of fire, but apparently it wasn’t enough to bring him down. While Nett was stunned, Sig took me back to the shuttle and propped me up in the back. I saw him backing out through the smoke, and fired my lascannon at the figure in the smoke. The whole left side of his body disintegrated, yet he didn’t stop. Emir noticed the damage to Nett, and sniped him, and his body finally crumpled to the ground. I shot him once more with my lascannon, just to make sure…

Sig walked over and cut his head off, mumbled something to himself that sounded a helluva lot like, “This is going in the sex dungeon.” I have no idea what to make of that.

We got Havoc’s body on the transport, and scooped up what was left of Rage, as Trask and his force retreated. Our crew had gotten the ship fixed enough to be stable in the warp, so we left Thical as soon as everyone was back on board.
On our escape from the planet, some wolfpack raiders followed us out. They were fast, but the Titansbane’s arsenal was ultimately too much for them. Only took a few volleys to destroy each one.

On the way to the warp we all met up at the infirmary to check on Rage, and see what next steps were. His left arm was gone, and it was clear that he was broken over the loss of Havoc. I may have used his state in my favor, and convinced him to give me his old red cloak. Didn’t even have to gamble for it, he just gave it to me. He clearly didn’t care about anything anymore. Works for me!
He mentioned that we needed to go to Port Footfall to receive our payment.

He was really starting to bum me our, so I started heading to leave, when Nyx arrived, with some interesting news.
Nyx showed up and informed us that Maximiliano was loose on the ship, and that he had been possessed by a demon. Great. I blame Nett Doze. Not like he can defend himself anymore anyway.
It’s worth noting that nobody has seen him apart from Kayp, and there have been multiple search parties.

We had to stop at Wander for supplies on the way to Footfall, and on the warp trip there, On the way there I tried gambling with some chump using my acid stick that doesn’t have any acid on it. AND HE FUCKING WON.
His name was Johnny Bravo, and I vowed one day I would exact my revenge.
We….. Wandered around Wander (I’m sorry Jimmy 3.0, I know you expect better from me), we were told the repairs on our ship would take 17 days. While the others were looking for new gear, and crew, and whatever else they wanted, Brute and I went in search of Johnny Bravo, the scoundrel. Only had to pay him one bottle of amasec.

We confronted him about the stick, and he ran away. The stick was gone but not forgotten. I stood guard at the entrance to the ship for the remainder of our visit, waiting for Bravo to return so I could force him to reveal the whereabouts of my stick he could only have taken by cheating. He never came back.

On our way back out to get to our next waypoint, The Temple, I went in search of any information regarding Bravo, or anyone who knew what he did with the stick. I saw some kids playing with it, and I took it from them. It’s not a toy for children!

Well, some beefy dude noticed, and he did not appreciate me stealing my property back. After a few seconds of him bitching at me, I finally had enough. I punched him square in the jaw. He shrugged it off, and hit me back. After beating each other up for at least 10-15 minutes, a small crowd had gathered, and were cheering on both of us. We eventually stopped, and he introduced himself as Arronax King. I’m going to remember him, he was pretty cool. Very respectable muscles. We will see each other again.
News of the brawl travelled fast, and everyone seems to me in a slightly better more. It was good timing for it, as we had to navigate through the Witch-Cursed world, The Battleground, and The Hermitage. Everyone was on edge during that leg of our journey. I overheard at least 20 conversations about ghost ships, missing crews, and all manner of other even more ridiculous claims. Just stories.

We haven’t spent much time on Footfall, bet we’re finally here. Upon arrival, Rage led us to Zulfikar Raheem, who paid us well for our journey and misfortunes. He clearly was experiencing joy with regard to Rage losing his arm and having to deal with the death of Havoc. After ensuring we were paid, Rage donned Havoc’s bloodstained cloak and left. I’m sure we’ll run into him again at some point.

Side note: I HAVE SHIPS THAT CAN PUNCH OTHER SHIPS! OUR ENEMIES WON’T KNOW WHAT HIT THEM! (Again, really glad Jimmy 3.0 is incapable of reading)

New Humies

I’z found new humies an a new ship. Dey iz little humies but dem tink dey is big. Some tink dey is bigger den me. I’Z DA BIGGEST! Dey gon’ lissen ta ME an I’z gon hunt down da laffyman. NOBODYZ BIGGER DEN BRUTE WANG!!! I gotz a problem do’, I’z Batork and I’z Brute Wang. I need da sekret ideninny, and I knowz Batork and Brute Wang so dey ain’t sekret.

Dere’z big stachooz of some’n name Nett Doze. One of da humies don’ like em. Diz Doze guy musta been bigger den da humies. My new sekret ideninny is gon be Nett Doze, cauz I don’ kno who he iz. Dat makes it sekret.

//Time Coordinate - 843.M41//+//Voidsmans Log: Killian Rage//

How long has it been since I’ve seen Furibundus? A bright yellow blight always casting judgment on lonely Port Footfall. It certainly has been a long time since I’ve seen this system. Footfall should feel like a happy reunion but it rings hollow. I should be surrounded by my family and my friends. We were supposed to return together.

The pathways, alleys, and streets we walk feel like old memories from my childhood. The same feeling you get when you return home after many years of being away. A swell of memories and stories. I can see Zulfikars estate looming in the distance.

Everyday I wish that I hadn’t let Ardata come with me. She would be alive and I could watch her eyes light up when I walked into the compound. She wanted to see more of the Expanse. She wanted to come with me. And I let her.

I am a fool. She died because of me.

And now I have to go beseech her father to foot the bill on my escape.

We walk into the compound. The footsteps of the crew behind me are reassuring but there is a heaviness to my heart; a brutal truth that I now have to carry the rest of my life. I have to carry them as proof of my escape; an eternal compact that I’ve made with the lives of my loved ones.

I gesture for the people behind me to wait as I approach Zulfikar. A massive hulk of a man. An old soldier. He looks up and I see bemusement in his eyes. He looks me up and down, his gaze pausing on my missing arm. Implacable. I’ve never known what he was thinking. He stands and approaches me.

“You were not to return. Ever.

“I needed your help Lord Merchant.” I respond with all the confidence I can muster.

“You dare-”

“Havoc is dead.”

There is a pause. He tilts his head almost imperceptibly. I watch the muscles in his jaw bunch.

“So you finally understand what you took from me.” He rumbles in his muted timbre.

I become furious. My face contorts in anger. “Ardata wanted to come with me. Don’t you dare act-”

“If you say my daughters name again then I will kill you. With my bare hands. If you think those men behind you can stop me then I implore you Rage, say her name again.

There is a brief moment of silence.

“I loved her. I lost her, too.”

His face darkens. "Let’s not keep them waiting. I will outfit your ‘friends’ here since they are somehow still alive.

“But I want them to see. I want them to see what it costs you.” He gestures.

We turn to face the crew of the Titansbane. He stands and begins to walk over. I shoulder my pack and pull out Havocs bloodstained cloak.

I introduce Zulfikar to the crew. He greets them professionally, as always. They converse briefly and then he turns to regard me.

“And what do you offer me in exchange for their payment?”

I hold out Havocs cloak. It feels so heavy in my off hand. Zulfikar grabs it brusquely in one hand and holds it up. He pauses a moment to evaluate the bullet holes and the blood. And then he discards it with a flick of his arm; I barely manage to catch it.

Now you understand my pain. My debt to you will be fulfilled. Don’t ever come back.”

I briefly consider throwing myself at him. Havoc died. My brother died. He wants to make an example of me by mocking my grief. I begin to walk away with the blood stained garb; anger rushing through my very being.

If he wants me to be made an example of then I will wear it as a badge of honor. Let everyone see my mistakes. Let everyone know my deeds.

I throw on Havocs cloak. Zulfikar chose to be consumed by his grief. Trask chose to be consumed by his greed.

Me though? I choose to be consumed by my rage.

Hmm? .......!

So we were back aboard the ship. We got rid of the “Spice Rum”. We met a man named Snake. Viper! We met a man named…. Viper? Yes. Man, my head hurts.

We had a couple weeks before…. what were we doing again? I’m sure we had a mission we were doing. We were always doinnnnnnnnnniokmnijkhihokmiomklmmmmmmmm

Title: Kayp Log 5.1
Subtitle: My head

Okay, I don’t remember writing my last log. Apparently, I woke up sometime last night and tried to try and log…

This morning I wake up at my desk. I could feel the keyboard marks on my face. Looking over I see a mess of wire and gears. I remember working on a motion activated lighting device, but last time I remember seeing it it, didn’t look like that.. The pathetic ball of technology was burned on one side; the wires bare from where the sheathing had melted away. The whole gadget lay in a ring of black scorch marks on the table top. A flash of light flashed in my memory and I suddenly caught myself looking at my left hand then my forearm. Twisting my arm in the air to thoroughly inspect my skin everything seemed as it should. My head hurt… I should get something to eat or drink..

Touching my aching head, I realize that my shaggy hair is sticking up in random places. Smoothing it down the best i can with both hands, the tips feel.. singed? What is that? Reaching out in front of me, I touch the curves of the hard metal and trace the pattern with my fingers. 8? Blinking rapidly, I look around me and realize I had wandered to the stairwell.. Hmm… This was not the right way. Turning to retrace my steps back, my boot catches on the stair and I fall backwards. Grabbing nothing but air I tumble down the stairs and rolling and rolling and rolling. Shoulder check, back check, right foot check… Yep, just about hit everything on the way down. THUD.

Hello floor. Nice to see you again. Floor? Why are you making that sound? Slowly lifting my head and looking behind me I see that I tumbled into an open door. Thank goodness for someone’s carelessness or I would have kept rolling… That sound again. Pulling myself up, holding onto the wall for support, I round the corner and stop dead… The room ahead of me stood open. No cargo, no pallets, no…. anything. A rock. There is a.. boulder in the room. How would someone even bring something like that in here? It’s unstable! The boulder shuttered and suddenly started to break apart. No not break apart. It.. stood up. Turning to look at me it it unrolled a long tentacle and unlatched giant fans from the top. Fans like i had seen on tropical planets. Not fans like we had powering the ship. The tentacle hovered slowing to me… Do rocks get hungry? Fumbling through my pockets I found a piece of dehydrated fruit I was saving for next time I found Maximelliano. Opening the small package of fruit, I held it out to the rocks tentacle. He gripped it and the tentacle retreated. The bolder opened up its mouth and ate the fruit. It flapped its fans back and worth and screamed extending its tentacle in the air! Wait.. It wasnt screaming.. It was happy. It approached slowly, flapping its fans, and making a sort of brass sound. It poked and prodded my looking for more fruit and I laughed. Then suddenly the tentacle wrapped around my waist and lifted my into the air! Unafraid, I smiled as it placed me on top of its back. It didn’t feel like other rocks I had felt. It was almost.. soft? I curled up on its massive back and closed my eyes happily. Man, my head hurt.

Title: Kayp Log 5.1.1
Subtitle: My head

Okay, I don’t remember writing my last log. Apparently, I woke up sometime last night and tried to try and log…

This morning I wake up at my desk. I could feel the keyboard marks on my face. Looking over I see a mess of wire and gears.. Wait what? I did this before? A giant rock? What the shit?

Did I flipping shock myself? .. What did I write last night?

I wandered around retracing the steps I thought I remembered taking. Stairwell after stairwell. I couldn’t find the bolder. Such things dont exist. I think I short circuited my brain.. Maybe I should take a break from tinkering for awhile..

I have a new friend!
The return of Jimmy!

Normally I’d log the recent events that happened in our travels, and whoo boy, orcs? Pretty solid material. BUT NOT TODAY.

I am here to formally announce the arrival of our newest, and by far sexiest, crew member, Sephurumine. I’m going to call her Jimmy 3.0 NOW WITH LASERS. I can tell already, she won’t let me down, not like the last two. I still plan to help Jimmy 2.0 as much as I can, but now that 3.0 is here, I don’t know, wouldn’t that be awkward?

She’s a bit heavier than I’m used to, but that just means that she’s got more love to give, doesn’t it? Doesn’t matter to me, she’s beautiful. A little slow sometimes, but she makes up for it in other ways. Black, and a little dirty here and there, but we can make it work.

We went to the range to get some practice in during some down time, and she got even hotter. But she’ll never be too hot for me to handle, even if she tries to act all tough.

I can’t wait for her to meet the crew… And our enemies.

On second thought, maybe I shouldn’t tell everyone I personified my new lascannon, sounds a little crazy… That’s probably a much better idea now that I think about it. I will stop now while I’m ahead.

Field Log 834.M41-0304 Titanbane: Thical


Initially planning on spending the day recovering from my wounds with some light combat drills I was interrupted by an adept from the local Administratum approaching our ship with a job. Orks had come to Thical, brought here by another Rogue Trader. Thankfully the Orks are apparently contained for the time being in a hydroponics facility and the Adept wished for our assistance clearing the facility.

I volunteered immediately, the ork infestation must be stomped out quickly, with extreme prejudice. Nyx and Neck were also on hand to lend assistance. The only hiccup was the Adept brought… one of the orks with him.

They wouldn’t let me kill it! It was right there in front of me, desecrating this Imperial world with it’s very presence and they wouldn’t let me kill it! Ten years of my life spent fighting these Throne damned creatures on that damndable frozen rock! Thousands of my comrades cut down as we fought with dwindling supplies, cut off from the Crusade by the detestable drift-wrecks they call ships blockading the system, all the while being hounded on all sides by Chaos forces, capturing and torturing us in some sick

The Adept, a cowardly slip of a man, explained that Brute was here to assist in exterminating the rest of the orks. While I would personally like to run my knife though it’s skull and hack it to pieces smaller then my fist, duty dictates that I must deal with the larger threat least we lose the entire planet.

We have arrived at the facility, a massive, multi-level subterranean complex. The Adept instructed us that we needed to get to the eviro-control at the bottom level and administer a reagent that would neutralize the Orks in the rest of the facility. The interior is a mess. Emergency lights and flooding, the Orks have wrecked much of the facility likely do to infighting or simply taking joy in destruction.

The orks we met are primative savages, even by Ork standards, naked with improvised weapons. Must have just matured.

We fought our way through several levels of the complex. With the power out we were forced to climb down the elevator shaft. Nyx held up quite well for a blind man, and Neck was able to improvise an explosive to clear a hatch we were unable to pry open. The… Ork, Brute, has at least acted as an effective distraction for the other Orks.

In the enviro-control we found the remains of the original Rogue Trader and his retinue along with an Ork Mek. When I saw it was attempting to configure something on the controls I fired a shot into it’s chest, which enraged the creature and it attacked us. It jumped with surprising swiftness catching us off guard. I managed to pull Neck out of the way of it’s shock-hammer, but the low light and my recent injuries meant my footing was bad. Took the full force of the swing right in the chest. Blacked out for a second and felt the majority of my wounds reopen but miraculously still alive. I am still not worthy. Paid the Mek back though.

We administered the reagent to the water supply and it effectively eradicated the Orks in the remainder of the facility.

I wonder if this weapon works so effectively why it has not been deployed across the Imperium.

The Adepts superior, a tall, haughty woman, met us once we made contact that the job was done. Nyx and Neck accepted payment for keeping the nature of the operation classified.

Brute was nowhere to be found, for which concerned me. However, while patrolling the ship I found the remains of a dataslate smashed in an infrequently used corridor.

It is in the ship…

What is this?

Bits of metal and wire are strewn about. Upon closer inspection, they seem to be flecked with spittle. After several hours of searching and rebuilding, the pieces tell you that the former datapad was fumbled with and screamed at, before being violently destroyed.

Kayp 4eva
Flashing lights and Broken taillights

Starting off I had the best. landing. ever. I could already tell it was going to be a good trip. Landing on Thical, we started a search for a man to sell our “Spice Rum” to. At a bar, we met a rich looking man who informed us that he was not too familiar with this area but he knew this town and where we could find a man named “Darius Viper”. Searching for this mysterious Reptile Man, we arrived at a section of the city where the working man roamed. Everyone that passed by was a grease monkey; hard working men caked in grease, sweat, and body oder. One man in the alley seemed to be out of place. He was too… soft.. and definitely much too clean to belong. I snuck over to him, and tried to grab his ID, but he felt me reach into his pocket and very quickly he had dropped me to my knees. My arm wrenched behind my back and his boot on my shoulder, crushing me so I could barely breathe. I was helpless. Luckily, I hadn’t strayed far from the group, and The Neck and Krieger quickly came to my aide and shoved the man away. He disappeared as quickly as he had knocked me down. I stuck close to the group after that and kept my head down.

We entered a building where a lone counter and a lone person stood at a terminal. Everything about everything seemed sketchy. Soon we got to meet the man named Viper. He offered us a favor for a favor. He would take something off our hands if we took something off of someone else’s hands for him. I dunno. He wanted a box. Sounds more like a cat man than a snake man. All joking aside.. I didn’t feel good about it.

Leaving the building, we walked an hour to get to where the box was located. It was a massive structure with barred doors everywhere. Large vents near the roof looked promising but I wasn’t volunteering to climb up there first. Guards stood at every door. While everyone talked strategy, I couldn’t help but notice there were no vehicles around… Getting that box could be as easy as punching a guy and nabbing it, but playing keep away in the streets for an hour to get back to our transport, didn’t seem like the best idea ever.. If I was a badguy where would I keep my ground vehicle? I wonder if they would fit inside the building? Judging by the outside, they could have a garage in there and still have plenty of room. Nett Doze provided a distraction, I honestly can’t tell if he is even aware of the plan or just being himself, and Krieger uses the opportunity to shoot the man dead. No one notices. All is quiet and we easily slip inside the building. There is a low rumbling of voices and it sounds like there are multiple groups around with some lone men wandering around. Sigmund and The Neck slink off to do their thing and I scan the area to see if any transportations are close by. Not even a forklift. Exiting the building, I make my way around to the back of the building to find a yard of trucks imprisoned by a chain link fence. Hearing footsteps behind me, I spot Nett Doze nearby. This will be perfect! With both of us we will be able to take two of their vehicles!

20 Boners (thanks Smudde)

Gun fire blares from inside of the building. The killing game has started. Jumping onto the fence, I get caught on the barbwire at the top and am forced to jump back down. Turning back to see if Nett Doze can assist with the chain link, he is no longer there! Where did he go? Running around the length of fence, I finally find the gate and shoot the lock off, and run to the nearest truck. Breaking the window to get inside, the keys are no where to be seen. Checking all the usual places, there are no keys..anywhere. Trying to hot wire the vehicle is hopeless. Slowly the gunfire fades to silence.. Emir informs me that a group escaped out the side of the building. Walking across the lot, I see the skid marks on the payment from the vehicle they escaped in. The Neck handed me some keys and we all poured in; Emir and Krieger jumped in front beside me.

Krieger informs us, he had used a terminal to find all the planned out routes to various warehouses. One seemed to stand out from the rest and Emir shows me down a freeway toward the warehouse. Spotting a truck matching the one we are in, I punch the gas and swiftly catch up to them. Pulling beside them, I hear a BANG from the back of our vehicle. I’m not sure what exactly had happened, whether from rage or excitement or maybe a seizure, The Neck had punched a hole in the side of the truck! IN the side of the truck. His fist went through the truck. …So that happened. The men see us. Well how could they not? They speed up ahead of us and the back of their truck rolls up. A wave of dread fills me as the back reveals a huge bolter and additional men with rifles that start shooting us! Adrenaline kicking in and instincts taking over, I manage to dodge the first wave of fire. Recovering from the fish tail, Krieger gets off a shot out the passenger window and wounds one of the men with the rifles. Punching the gas again, we kick forward and ram the back of the truck knocking everyone to their ass. Given the time to think, I now realize I should have warned the others in back. I feel bad for poor Nyx. Everyone was getting tossed around back there. As the men started recovering from the hit, Krieger got off another shot, taking one man down. Emir goes to shoot through the front window, but quickly informing him that it’s kind of important that the driver needs to see, he resorts to cutting a make shift sun roof for him to shoot out of. Emir, now standing out the top of the truck, Krieger shooting out the side, and, I, dodging fire the best I can; we seem to get into a flow of things. Things are going well. Very soon the windshield gets a huge hit and flys off. I would have laughed at the irony if given the chance. Right as the windshield disappeared, the view of us clear as day to the men with the rifles, one of the men aims and shoots right at me… I feel the wet of my blood before I feel the pain… Wait no pain.. Not my blood. Shocked I realized that Krieger had dove past Emir’s legs and shielded me from the shot. I felt no fear, but a sudden wave of rage, at the men in the truck. Ramming them again, and again knocking them all to the ground, I give Emir enough time to grab Krieger’s weapon and kill another man in the back of the truck. 3 left.. This was taking too long.. Krieger lay unconscious and losing a lot of blood. I wouldn’t allow him to die. Time for a new plan. Ignoring the men in back, I veered the car to the side and sped up enough to get along beside their truck. Hopefully, I could drive at just the right speed and Zarko could get a shot through his hole in the truck. If I could trust anyone’s shooting, I knew he could get the job done. I heard his shot but the truck kept up its speed. They veered and I swung the wheel to match them, like we were snakes in a deadly dance. They ran out of road on the right side and their truck started grinding against the barrier, but I wouldn’t let up. Another shot. The driver was dead. The truck slows and then violently jerks. The back of the truck like jack knifves and flips into the back of us. We all quickly come to a stop. The Neck hopes out and walks over to the front of their vehicle and a couple shots ring out. I jump out to find a first aide kit and do what I can to help Krieger until he can been seen by a real medical team… I grew sad realizing I only knew how to fix machines.. not people.

Emir and Sigmund found the crate in the front of the truck. Inside the crate was a box with some springs attached to it. I guess it was rigged so that way it wouldn’t be affected by the surrounding turbulence. All for the better after this whole adventure.. We returned to Viper and Sigmund tried to bargain with him. “We could have taken this relic to another buyer. We could have gotten much more than what we were getting paid.” They talk their politics and I wander off to check on Krieger. It looked like he was making a recovery. I would need to talk to him later.. I owed him my life.

We did a bit of looking around before we left the planet. I tried searching for a techno mat to help me out with my tinkering and inventing. They didnt have any such things on this planet. I spotted Nyx seeking a pictrecorer and realized that I had one in my bag. I gave it to him. I was glad for his friendship and I did not need the recorder. Maximillano came to mind and I rummaged around trying to find something- anything that could maybe cure his mind; bring him back to the man he was. I found some calming incense and I purchased a box. Hopefully it might help relax his stressed mind. Now… I need some rest. Time for a nap.

... Not three jobs worth, but at least it's something...

The trip to Thical was very uneventful. I’m not complaining, but I’d be lying if I said I’m content with all these easy, stress-free trips. They make me even more stressed because I could spend my time learning a new skill or something, instead of being on-edge for no reason… I guess I am complaining then, huh?

We had a guy come aboard for inspection since we didn’t have any sort of manifest for all this mystery acid. We decided to not tell him that in addition to not having the paperwork, it was actually stolen goods. He seemed understanding enough and after a brief check and Sig talking to him, he let us on our way planetside. Pretty decent hive world actually, I’ll have to find excuses for us to return (I guess I should wait to see how we depart… Our last few planets we’ve left aren’t on the best of terms with us anymore).

After searching for a few hours, we got the name, “Darius Viper”, and were told he could and does move all kinds of goods. On our way there, Nyx and the Krieger both literally popped into existence and joined us on our way.
I’m not drunk, and wasn’t then either. One minute they were absent, the next they were just there. I know I would’ve seen them on the trip down if they were with us. That said, I don’t actually remember them on the Titansbane after we left the warp either. I can only assume that Nett is to blame. I will have to keep a closer eye on him in the future, lest this happen to me.

After meeting with Viper, he promptly took the acid off our hands and paid us generously for it.

The End.

No he didn’t. That was a lie. Because of course, he wanted us to do something for him first. I think it’s important to note that we have not yet been paid for getting Killian off planet, we’ve only had other jobs to do first. Yes, Viper eventually paid us, decently enough I guess, but I feel like we’ve done three jobs here, and we were only paid for one of them.

I will stay grumpy for at least a few days to make sure everyone knows that I am displeased.

I also want to not briefly that Viper’s sigil is very unusual. Nobody else seems to have noticed, I’ll take it as a sign of my… higher intellect.
His sigil looks like a penis. But not only a penis, a penis with a smaller penis sticking out the back. Someone else in this group had to have noticed, but nobody is talking about it… Oh well.


Artists rendering. Yes I’m the artist. Yes I’m currently drunk. I may or may not have added the face and limbs for giggles.

His “simple” errand took us to a nearby storage facility, that was decently guarded, not far from his place, in the hive underworld.

Nett distracted a guard using one of his toys filled with oil. I’m not sure where he keeps getting the supplies to make these. The guard chased him away, as he began yelling his own name. At the door I noticed a tripwire which I defused without issue, and then we were inside.
There was a lot of crates, and a lot of machinery all over. Minimally guarded inside, but there was a large group near what could have only been the crate we needed, and of course it was. Well, because our luck isn’t just the best, it looked like some of them had cloaks and staffs, yep. Great.

While I was busy getting ready to brown my pants, I was noticed by a guard. I tried slashing at him with my blade, and he jumped back. Knowing he was going to alert everyone, I figured there was no reason for sneaking anymore, I raised my pistol and shot him point blank. It was pretty badass if I do say so myself, though easily not the most badass thing I did that day, maybe second. Well, they didn’t appreciate me shooting them, so blind grenades went flying and then it was just a waiting game until we killed them all (I’ll need to talk to Sig, he got real dumb during that fight… Like, I’m almost worried for him, levels of dumb. It was very odd). I got a new shotgun in the mayhem, though if it’s looks are anything to go by, “less than reliable” may be a pretty significant overstatement. The group and the crate near them had dissapeard, and in my anger, I tried to punch a door open. The operative word there is “try”, and instead, I just borke my hand. Whoops.
Everything worked out okay though, because Kayp located some tracks leading away from the garage. He called them “skid marks”. Again, my higher intellect clued me in on something nobody else seemed to find funny. I’ll have to explain what skid marks are to him, so I won’t forever be alone in this comedy purgatory.

We all piled in to a transport truck and headed off after them. Krieger fixed my hand on the way, which was perfect timing as you’ll soon discover.
We emerged into a large highway, and caught up to them. They noticed us almost immediately. Kayp pulled up next to them, and partly as a test of my hand’s health, partly because for fun, I punched a hole through the side of the truck.

Straight through the metal.
The assholes sped up and away, terror on their face. Damn straight.

There was a lot of ramming, and a lot of shooting, and eventually Kayp was able to get side by side with them again. I shot the driver with my new shotgun, at almost point blank range. It was pretty gross. Their truck came to a stop, though not before flipping, which was awesome. We piled out of the truck and went in search of the crate. One guy came out of the cab, he was easily dispatched. We found the crate in the cab on the passenger side, some old relic, seemed to be suspended on gyros. Looked expensive.

After briefly discussing what to do with it, we decided against getting more money from someone else, and brought the item to Viper. In addition to needing at least one influential aquaintance that doesn’t want to kill us, he knew who we took the acid from. Best to get less money now and the possiblity of more later. I can’t keep doing mission after mission without getting paid.

Before heading back up to the Titansbane, we all looked around Thical for various things, I found some nice items, though not for anything resembling a reasonable price.

Maybe I should have tried to buy a new family for Maximiliano? I’m sure having a family again would cheer him up. Oh well, hindsight is 20/20…..

Field Log 834.M41-0218 Titanbane: Thical


I dreamt of sunlight… it was peaceful.

I awoke to pain… I am still not worthy.

Found myself laid up in the medbay aboard the Titansbane, my wounds bandaged by embarrassed, amateurish hands. Kayp had dressed my wounds as best he could and was concerned for me. He’s a good lad. but he does not yet understand that he is important to the ship and Dynasty while I am expendable.

Also, had he died the truck would have crashed and everyone would have died. One for six was the logical choice. Still, it was kind of him and Neck to carry me from the battlefield, I would have left me where I lay. When I have permission to speak freely I will thank them personally.

My wounds… look worse then they are.

It is only by the Emperor’s graces I was able to survive a direct shot from a Heavy Bolter, let alone two. I guess the shells they fired were faulty or there was some imperfection in my carapace armor. All I know is, where there should be two fist sized holes in my chest there was only a mass of shrapnel and mostly surface damage. I’ve removed most of the shrapnel and stitched myself up best I can. Supplies were being stretched pretty thin. Had to work without anesthetics and used last of gauze. The resupply should be coming soon.

Sig struck a deal with Viper after the item we were hired to reacquire was returned. Em informed me we offloaded the chemicals we acquired from Endrite that Rage led us to.

Blood and shrapnel destroyed my old dataslate, forced to replace but old data lost.

Admech is currently AWOL. I last saw him when we acted as a distraction to lure away a guard from the warehouse the Hiver Gang with the item were hiding.

I will be taking a day to recover before I return to duty.


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