The Rainwalkers

Kayp Log 10
The princess

TWANG! The wire Sigmund cut sliced through the air and then quietly clinked against the wall. The tunnel we found ourselves in was dark and empty. Water rushed down the center of the tube with walking paths on either side. Blocking our progress, thin metal wires were strung up from wall to wall. Nyx led our small group, with Sigmund close by, cutting a path for us to travel through anytime it was blocked. Every time the wire shot through the air, it took everything in me to not jump back. Flinching away from the sound, images took shape in my mind. Explosions and poison darts triggered by the taut trip wires were haunting my thoughts. Walking in the darkness like this was torture…

TWANG! Twang! Twang…. The sound eerily echoed forward into the black. I tensed as I waited for the last line to be cut so we could get through this next row of trip lines. There had to be a catch to this. This planet may not have technical advances we did, but they must have a few tricks up their sleeve for intruders… THWISH! Wait what? That didn’t sound right. LIGHT! Suddenly blinded by flames, I gasped as I realized someone was on fire! A quick glimpse of a cloaked figure disappeared into the dark up the tunnel. Krieger had been doused with liquid and set a flame with an arrow! Who did that?! Reacting quickly, Krieger lunged into the water beside us and swiftly got pulled away by the harsh current. Plunged back into darkness, the fire now extinguished, the bright light caused a flashing left behind in my eyes. Making my field of vision very bad to nothing. I was about to shout when I heard Krieger pull herself up and out of the water on the opposite side. Good! She was okay. She attempted a bounding leap across the stream and caught the edge of the walkway in her stomach; blindly reaching out I grabbed her arm and helped pull her back onto the walkway.

The party started forward again. TWANG! Sigmund started making us a path advancing up the tunnel once again. I bet the cloaked figure was using the sound to track us.. Prey caught in the spider’s web… My thoughts didn’t dwell on this long, as another cut wire was immediately followed by one of my worst fears. A deafening explosion. The platform we were walking on collapsed and we plummeted into the water below. I couldn’t tell who fell with me. I couldn’t tell which way was up. I couldn’t tell if I was hurt. Opening my mouth to call out for help, my mouth filled with water as I rolled over and over under the water. The force of the current slammed me down, my head cracked against something hard, and my body went rigid. It took a couple seconds before I could recover but somehow I managed to break the surface and suck in a giant gulp of air. Busy coughing up water, I was unable to call out. There was so much going on, I’m not sure who would be able to hear me anyway. Still unable to see, my ears were assaulted by the chaos around me: gun shots (presumably at the returning hooded figure), splashing from everyone in the water trying to grasp onto something to hold onto, the thunder of footsteps as our companions chased us as we got swept away by the current. My strength was fading fast as I reached up and managed to grab ahold of something solid. Quickly Nyx appeared and offered me his staff to help me out of the water.

After everyone was recovered from the water, we soon headed back up the tunnel. Sigmund and Zarko had managed to kill the cloaked figure during the fray but soon we entered a room with more men. They were quickly all killed by Sigmund. We used the ancient elevator system and returned to the surface. We were inside the castle walls. Everything was deserted. Houses and random buildings stood alone beside the castle. The mobs roar could be heard again; outside the wall they were trying to break in. Fyke, even more determined to find Janae, led the way inside the castle. He didn’t say a word to anyone. Catching glances from room to room, I tried to imagine the rooms filled with people. I gazed at the paintings and wondered how it was before the chaos broke out. Sun light came through the high windows and dust lightly floated through the air. It was almost peaceful. Fyke approached a tapestry and pushed it aside, entering a huge chamber carpeted by a huge purple rug with blue trim around the edges. Stain glass above twinkled in the sunlight; looking up at the glass, I almost stumbled into Fyke as he stopped dead. Peeking around his still form, I held back a gasp as I saw the horror spread out in the center of a room. A pool, once probably very beautiful, lay in the floor filled with blood. Red splashed all over the floor and beside the pool lay a muscled arm… Just an arm.. Suddenly feeling very anxious my eyes darted around the room. Imaginary cloaked men jumping out from the hallways around us made my adrenaline start pumping. Fyke suddenly took off without warning. He ran all the way to two men trying to break into a chamber. Swiftly killing both men, we made it to the door and a light voice came from inside. Fyke replied to the voice in a tongue I didn’t understand and out burst a girl who flung herself in Fyke’s arms. We had found Janae. She was young and frail, sporting a flowered dress and short almost perfect white hair. We had found the princess.

Back outside we started to make our escape and headed to a giant gate. Once open, we started to head back into the city. A shout behind us made us stop dead. A mob had made it inside the castle grounds and they had starting charging at us from behind. There would be no way to outrun them all… Fyke gave Janae’s hand to Nyx and told him to tell Janoor that he had faithfully “been her shield and now he will be her sword.” He swung at the gate chain and closed the gate between us and himself and the mob… We will never see him again…

The rest was a blur. Our transporter had to be moved, and they were too far away to retrieve us quickly, right as we were spotted by the mob in the city. We struggled to rediscover the trail of flowers as we were being pursued by a mob of people who had lost reasoning. Some of them had weapons; those that didn’t pulled and clawed at us savagely. We barricaded ourselves in houses and climbed to the 2nd floor to jump to nearby houses roofs to escape the mob. Straining to find the next white flower, without being pulled into the raging mob, was overwhelming. Krieger threw grenades down into the alleys and Zarko and Sigmund shot down into the crowd. Soon we found ourselves cornered.. The gap between housetops was greater than what could easily be passed over. Determined to try, I flung myself over the gap and managed to land on the other side without sliding. Cutting a better foothold with my sword, I assisted the others as they made their jumps across. Nyx was the last one to cross. Janae, unable to process the much since the loss of Fyke, was slung over Nyx’s shoulder… Nyx hurled himself along with Janae to my current rooftop, and under the added weight of the absent princess, didn’t make good footing. He started to fall back, his eyes wide in surprise. Without thinking, I shot my arm forward and grabbed the front of Nyx’s shirt, keeping him from being thrown onto the wave of mob below. We ran along the rooftops until we were forced down into an empty alleyway. It was a short lived victory, as a man shouted from the house next door and soon the wave of people cornered around the building and surrounded us on all sides. Back to back with Nyx, he opened his third eye and fought with his staff as I pulled out my sword and started swinging desperately. Suddenly, I picked up a song.. The shouting, the gun fire, the clash of metal on metal was drowned out by a song. Janae was singing. Could anyone else hear her sweet lullaby? It took over my senses and suddenly brought me to my last memory of Kassius…

I stared at the ground. I understood why he had to leave but it just wasn’t fair… we could make due without the extra money. But I didn’t voice my thoughts. I didn’t want to start a fight… especially when he was leaving so quickly.
He put his hand under my chin and lifted my face to meet his gaze. I stared into his dark almond colored eyes.
“Hey.. I’ll be back soon. You know I will.” He said seriously and then cracked a huge grin. “I have something for you.” He turned and grabbed his pack from the nearby bench. Unbuckling the top he pulled out a small black and white ball of fluff.
“You didn’t think I’d forget your birthday did you?”
“Thanks, Kassius!” I scooped up the little animal plush and hugged it tightly.

Feeling like I had been filled with fire, I pushed the crowd forward with a flash of steel. My thoughts only on seeing my brother’s face again fueled me within, and I fought harder than ever before, pushing the mob farther and farther back away from me and my friends. We would not die today! I’m not sure how much time passed with the fire deep inside me. I felt like I could fight forever. Soon the transporter arrived, and Brute jumped out of the hatch in full Orc armor, obviously ready and rearing for a fight. He threw people out of the way opening a break in the crowd for us to push through to the transport. We quickly boarded the ship and practically had to drag Brute back inside. We were on our way back to the Titansbane.

It had been decided.. I didn’t agree but I said nothing.. Who was I to tell Sigmund or Zarko “no.” I was just the hired pilot what did my opinion make? The people were not right but did that give us the right to make them all disappear? Doesn’t matter.. I said nothing, so I will never know if I could have saved them or not. As I piloted within range, I felt nothing as Zarko bombed the city and the crazed mob. The castle nothing but a black crater in the planet. The pain didn’t come until later. I try not to dwell on it… I try not to think about that day.. The day I said nothing…

Watching Janoor and Janae reunite was indescribable. It made me immensely happy to see them together. I am glad I could be a part of joining mother and daughter together. I walked back to my bunch to give them privacy and to also give myself some time of rest. Silent tears ran down my face as I walked down the empty corridor to my quarters. I would give anything to have a special moment like that with my brother. If I could just be with Kassius again..
Soon the corridors were full of sound again. Some time had gone by and Janae was recovering very quickly. It was hard to imagine her as 17 already she seemed like such a small girl. So many things she had never seen in her lifetime. She was very excitable and her laughs rang through the hallways and chambers of the ship. I managed to use my technomat to create a board with a small battery, LED, and spring encased in a rubber sphere. The device would bounce when thrown and light up as a result. I gave it to Janae and she seemed beside herself with excitement. She is often found chasing it down the corridors. She even had a run in with Brute! The ball escaped her small hands and bounced off his giant belly, which he caught and returned to her. She giggled and ran off. I’m glad he didn’t scare her unlike his and Janoor’s first encounter. Janae’s smile makes me happy. She feels like a younger sibling and she often spends time in my technomat playing with the pandai. I think she even named him. I didn’t catch what it was though. I’ll have to ask her later.

Foightin' Time

Da humies been gone a while when dey called pterodactyl fer da ship. We ‘ad ta move it, but dey said sumfin about foightin so’z I mostly remember dat.

I finally got ta use ma new armor. It cuts bruv, loik snips n necks. I didn’t get ta play wiff it fer long tho, cause we went up all quick and showed dem da real dakka. Hehe…humies…

Personal Log 834:M41-0415 Private Quarters: Titansbane

Regentropfen was playing, I could hear it plain as day. A fitting song as our macro shells fell upon Yurath, like rain called down by spiteful gods, washing away all traces of the once proud kingdom. This was not the first time I watched a world burn, nor will it be the last of that I am sure. I did not agree with Sigmund’s call for petty revenge through overwhelming force, but I do believe there was something tainted about that place that must be purged.

So I said nothing. And watched.

It started on the surface, shortly after the knight, Fyke, had sacrificed himself as a distraction so we could escape the mob.

He seemed an honorable man. Dedicated. Fought like an Astartes. Were it that the Imperium had more men like him.

The mob was coming at us with an unnatural frenzy. Nothing like the fanaticism of cultists hoping for favor from their warped gods, or the beastial insanity of the Ork’s lust for fighting. It was more… I remember on Turri IIV, massive tidal waves continually crashed into our fortress’s walls. That was the mob. No matter how much gunfire we rained down on them, not matter how many fell to our weapons they continued to come, crushing the dead underfoot in an attempt to get to us, to kill the girl.

She was a mess of emotions, being carried by Nyx. In the moments we had eluded the mob and we were allowed a breather you could hear her sobbing into his back. But I paid it no mind, we needed to press on.

Then the sobbing stopped and the singing began. It was a quite song, in a language I did not know. I only caught parts of it between gun retorts and shouts. The song, that must be the cause. It affected everyone, one by one. First Nyx, then Kayp, then Emir, then Sig. They fought like deamons, shouting in rage and cutting down man after man.

I had thrown my last grenade down the stairwell before jumping across the alleyway onto the next rooftop. The mob had surrounded the building and was attempting to break through the windows.

And then her song changed.

And then I saw.

I was on Krieg again, days before shipping out. 534a #3297 was there. He handed me my deployment papers.“Seems like you’re quite the lucky one, #1224.” He was smiling, I could see it in his eyes though his rebreather. I read over my papers and smiled back. I’m a Lucky Number, 1224a #1224, the only Lucky Number in the Crusade. He looked so proud of me. He saluted, and I saluted back. Then we hugged goodbye, our last and only hug.

I was on Elix Prime, under heavy fire on the otherside of Hill 23. Hive Alpha Elix’s reactors had gone critical. In the hastily dug trench with dozens of other Krieg word came down the vox that Watchmaster 1224b #6537 had been killed and command could not be reached. All heads turned to me, the 1224th’s Lucky Number. I glanced over the trench wall and see a break in the enemy line open. “There, their flank is vulnerable! For Krieg, for the Emperor!” I cry as I vaulted the wall. Behind me the cry was raised by thousands of voices as we charged down the slope into the enemy.

I was on Ulevash, using the ruined manufactorum as a temporary base camp. 1224c #8992 leaned over to tell me something when a bolter shell caught her in the back of the head and she crumples in a shower of blood. A Chaos Marine charges through the door firing his bolter right at me. I narrowly dive behind cover avoiding the following shells before the rest of my squad arrives and we drove back the corrupt monster.

I was in a lander dropping into Jmiri’s atmosphere. Out the window I could see other landers being struck by the AA guns the Orks had set up across the surface. There are fifty of us crammed into this falling coffin surrounded by explosions. Across from me 1224b #4782 and 1224c #0723 shift nervously. They were new to the Siege Breakers and never experienced an orbital drop before. There was a chuckle next to them. 1224a #5578 nudges 1224c #4782. “Don’t worry lad, we’ve got our Lucky Number here to guide us to victory.” he says nodding towards me. The lander rocked and the emergency lights came on. I hear a cry from the cockpit before another violent jolt and I blackout.

I was on Jmiri, pinned under some debris and unable to move. I could see the wreckage of the lander several meters away, survivors trying to climb their way out. An Ork truck pulls up and twelve of them pile out and begin checking the wreck. They don’t find me, but for hours all I could do was watch them make sport of anyone they find alive. Torturing them, tearing them apart, eating them, laughing as they scream in pain before eventually running out of living playthings the orks climb back into their truck and move onto the next wreck.

I was on Lock’s Fall, in the subterranean labyrinth carved deep into the frozen moon. The Enemy had set charges and collapsed the tunnel separating me from my squad. They had flooded the tunnels with gas and the blast had cracked a seal in my rebreather. I was carrying 1224a #9786 with me. Shrapnel had caught her in the stomach and I needed to get her to a Quartermaster soon if she is going to last much longer. It was getting harder and harder to breath. My vision blurred and each step became less steady. I fell. I felt 1224a #9786 pulling my rebreather off and with shaking hands replaces it with hers. Through blood-streaked lenses I see her lean back against the tunnel wall and smiles one last time, with a face exactly like my own, before falling to the ground next to me. Her eyes glaze over and with her last breath she sighs, “I see it, the sun… so warm…”

I was on Faiths Foundry, after ten years of holding out against Orks and Chaos, the Rogue Trader Abdrizack Nos had brought orders from Crusade. I read it, read it again, and read it a third time just to make sure. Exterminatus order, deny the enemy the Forgeworld. Signed by the Warmaster himself. “We have to leave as soon possible.” Abdrizack adds, “My Voidmaster has informed me several ships are already closing in on our position.” I ask how long. “We have a few hours to get off planet, a day at most before the fleet arrives.” I look down at the map and assess how many men I can get off planet in time. 1,200. 1,200 of 850,000 men. I give the order.

I was on the bridge of Abdrizack Nos’s ship Ill-Gotten Gains watching the atomic blasts crawl across the surface of Faith’s Foundry. Several other officers were with me on the bridge also watching the death of a world. Lieutenant 235b #6732 has brought a vox-recorder and played Regentropfen as I knelt and offer a prayer for those leaving before us. Abdrizack places a hand on my shoulder. “I’m sorry we didn’t have more time.” he says before adding “It is no consolation but it was lucky we were able to save any of your men.”

I was back in Yurath, facing down a screaming mob trying to tear its way into the building we were hold up in. In the blink of an eye thirty years of fighting flashed before my eyes. Every order I gave, every enemy I killed, every death of a comrade, every time I was “lucky”.

Regentropfen was playing, almost mockingly. I felt the tears stream down my cheeks and I grew angry. I turned my rifle on the mob and open fire. Scores fell to my hail of fire, rage guiding my shots with unnatural accuracy. The barrel of my gun began glowing red with heat and still I continued to fire. I heard a bellowing roar and saw bodies being tossed like rags.

Someone is yelling over the vox. I was grabbed and pulled into the shuttle as my gun clatters empty.

Janae had stopped singing.

We all sat in silence as we returned to the Titansbane. Sergent Gravus muttered quietly to me, “Lucky us we got out of there like we did.” I could think of nothing to say in response, so I only nodded.

It has been days now since we left Yurath in ruins. I can still hear it being played, off in the distance, just beyond the thrum of the ship. It was her, that girl Janae, she did this to me. I’m sure of it. I can’t face her, nor Janoor. The song grows louder and the dreams get worse. She makes me see, makes me watch again. Makes me remember. Makes me ask questions I know should not be answered.

One and a half million Death Korp left Krieg with me to join the Crudall Crusade and I was the only Lucky Number among them, so why?

Emperor, please tell me why?

Why am I the only one left behind?

We Were Gods

Fyke is going to die.

He puts Janae’s wrist in my hand and says something I can’t consciously understand, but the meaning is clear. He says something else to Sigmund. He is going to die. He has accepted his fate. I draw in a breath, to stop him, to stop this grim march toward an inevitable doom, but he swings his sword, and with an almighty clash the gate slams shut and he is gone.

We make for the city proper, but Janae is lagging. She is a swirl of emotion, her consciousness far away. She stumbles, and I scoop her up and onto my back. Her fingers grip my coat and she buries her face in my shoulder as whispering sobs escape her.

Soon she begins to hum, voice wavering, and it’s hard to make out the tune. We press forward, and the humming slowly turns to quiet song. The words are foreign, the language melodic and flowing.

You’re paying me to hire your son. That seems rather backwards don’t you think? What’s wrong with him?”
“I’m paying you to take him off my hands. I assure you, he’s quite capable. He’s had all the necessary training.”
“Yes, but what’s wrong with him that you’re willing to sell him to me?”

I find I’ve unconsciously traversed a few dozen paces. Sigmund is saying something, but his words are drowned out by Janae’s soft singing. I can feel his eyes on me.

“He’s blind. What use is a blind navigator?”
“His third eye is quite functional, unusually so, I daresay.”
“Make it four profit for the defect, and you’ve got yourself a deal.”

The sound of the surging crowd is muted, dampened. We’ve been nearly surrounded. They’re crazed, they’ve forgotten themselves, they think that killing Janae will ease their shock and madness. Fools, all of them. I turn and show them the warp, in all its majesty and fury. There’s a crackling, not so much a sound as a taste on the tip of the tongue. Many collapse, their beings rent by awe and terror before dissolving into nothing. Janae clutches my shoulders tighter, her voice hitching.

“Four profit is outrageous for one person. Julian, you can’t be seriously considering this.”
“Quiet, Priscilla. This may be our only chance. Rogue traders on their way to the outer reaches don’t often stop here. …Four profit will be yours. I’ll make the arrangements. I trust you can keep this whole transaction discreet.”
“Of course, Lord Aureus. Well, Adrien, looks like you’re part of my crew now. Welcome aboard.”


The rogue trader’s words echo even as Janae continues her song. Adrien. The others are affected as well. Emir mutters to himself as he guns down waves of insane civilians. Adrien. Sigmund fires with cold precision, but I feel him shaking with rage. Adrien. Kayp’s power sword is a constant murmur, punctured by screeches of the dead as he methodically cuts his way through the crowd. Adrien. Krieger is distracted, energy mingled with bullets and carnage, her mind elsewhere. Adrien. Zarko bellows as he fires, the lascannon’s discharge deadened by the bell tones of Janae’s aria.


I show these people true madness, true chaos, true despair. They scream and grasp at their last shreds of sanity as the delirium of the warp takes them. My father stands over me, his failure, his great shame. And my mother, torn between love for her child and the overwhelming disgrace of birthing a deficient product.

I miss the last leap onto a rooftop, and Kayp seizes the front of my coat to keep me from plunging into the abyss of the roiling mob. Janae is silent, and the cacophony of battle rushes back at once, like my ears have suddenly cleared after a long descent. Arronax’s voice over the voxcaster is too loud, too clear. He’s landed on the main road through the city. As if on cue, Brute’s hoarse warcries echo through the streets of Yurath.

There are no words when Janoor is reunited with her daughter, save for Fyke’s repeated message: “He is no longer your shield, but your sword.” The Queen hugs Janae tighter where they’ve fallen together in a sobbing heap on the floor of the cargo hold. We make for the command deck, Zarko peeling off to ready the guns. No one speaks as the Titansbane lowers through the planet’s atmosphere and comes to rest a kilometer above the city. Not a whisper as Yurath is removed from the face of the planet in a rain of fire and debris. The collective end of thousands sends a shockwave through the warp, a piercing shriek in my mind. I wonder if my parents would be proud of the man I’ve become.

Sigmund is still seething, angrier than he’s ever been since I’ve known him. He stalks back to his quarters as the ship rises to toward the heavens once again.

Having fun storming the castle

We got ambushed by some dire wolves on our way to the city. They messed Kayp up pretty bad, but all things considered, it was a pretty easy fight. I didn’t even have to move at all, apart from shooting.
The city was clearly destroying itself from the inside out. We made our way in and heard some voices coming from the town square. In the center was a chocolate-faced man over a pyre. Sig seemed to understand him, so we assumed he was one of people we were here for, the queen’s knight. They’re totally boning… I was about to tell them they were making s’mores with the wrong kind of chocolate but they started getting into cover and ready to fire at us. With muskets. Fucking regular old muskets.
I fired my lascannon into a tent to show them they were clearly outgunned, but they didn’t take the hint and attacked anyway. It was adorable.
After the VERY quick fight, we caught one alive and were able to find out what he knew about how we could get to the castle to save the princess. Fyke (Chocolate Thunder, as he will now be called) translated for us and we learned of a secret path through the city the king’s assassins used to use, called the “Path of flowers” after searching around for what felt like an eternity, the whole time Chocolate Thunder telling us “we are so close”, we finally noticed a trail of flowers through the city. We followed this for a few hours, and finally ended at a door. Upon entry the room appeared to be entirely empty, but Sig pushed a brick (I’m still not sure how he knew to do that), and a stairway opened up behind us leading down into a long pathway.

This looks more like a sewer than a “hidden path”. I guess we’ll see…

Kayp Log 9
Saving a princess-not so easy peasy

We took a couple transports to Yurath,
The tree trunks were wide and bare.
We parked beside the forest,
No way we could fit in there.

There were no branches way down low,
Leaves like fans spread wide.
Umbrella trees casting shadows,
“Hey, do you see those eyes?”

Tiny flowers littered the ground,
So small you could never count all the petals.
This medieval world was so foreign,
Their castle wall just installing metal.

Screams pierce the air.
Black plums the sky they engulf.
Down the path we are being followed,
Oh shit, is that a Dire Wolf?

I take aim at the far left canine,
He dodges like a boss.
Dashing forward he overtakes me,
I am quickly at a loss.

A swipe to the face, a swipe to the side.
Dark fur is all I see.
Breath of rotten flesh,
Please don’t kill me.

Flashes of my life,
Nyx’s smiling face,
Kassius’s laugh,
Death’s sweet embrace.

No! I will fight!
My friends come to my aide.
The alpha has approached,
A bad mistake he has made.

The battle rages on,
Beasts slain across the grass.
The fight is soon won,
A rest, I get at last.

A mangled gate to the city,
A giant mob at the castle.
Whispers of a secret path to inside,
Finding flowers is such a hassle.

Thatched homes with blue roofs,
All these buildings look the same!
White flowers are the clue,
Wait… is this the way we came?

Flowers in the window,
I see one across the street!
Actual planets, some paintings, and statues.
The last one is painted on concrete.

Well actually the wall was stone,
I just needed something to rhyme.
Touching bricks to find a secret door.
It’s Diagon Alley time!


We’z onna planet, an I’z ‘ere wiff air…erro…arxo…I’z ‘ere wiff a humie. ’E looks big enuff ta foight, but I ’eard woofs out da ship. If I kan fin’da woofs I kan raise more woofs! I doesn’t have no woofs now, so more woofs is better woofs.

No John.
You are the demons.

After the tense reunion of Zulfikar and Killian, I wasn’t sure he was actually going to make good on his promise of payment, but he came through. Still shocked about that. He said everything would be ready for us to be on our way in about a month, so we all went about our business over the next few weeks.

I don’t know why we started doing this, but Arronax and I have started avoiding being in the same place whenever the Krieger is nearby. I’m hoping he starts to think one of us is fake. There’s nothing even riding on this, though maybe I should get a pot going for how long it’ll take for him to see us together.

Brute, Arronax, and myself started a makeshift “fight club”. This ship is a little too small for it, so we don’t have any kind of major operation, and everyone already seems to be in a fairly decent mood. That said, it might help keep everyone’s spirits up at least a little when things inevitably go to shit. Safe-ish outlet for aggression…

Before we left we were contacted by a navigator named Janoor Yuratha, who needed a good crew for a job. Newly unemployed we were up for anything, though I’d like to go to some lost or abandoned planets soon. Everyone kept mentioning this planet, Rain. Nobody seemed to think it was smart to go there. That just makes me want to go there more! Don’t take a fat kid to a candy store and tell him he’s not allowed to touch anything!

Turns out, Janoor isn’t just a navigator, she’s a queen! Well, was a queen. Well, she’s only just recently started actually navigating. Also, only queen of a feudal world, so we probably won’t getting much in the form of supllies or payment, but apparently everyone agreed to help. Apparently some RT showed up and messed shit up bad. She’s hiring us to go get her daughter and some knight. I wonder if they’re boning….

There is probably a lot of things with value on Rain, but nobody seemed to care about it. A whole colony of people, just vanished without a trace! The last transmissions said something like, “They’re coming again, they’re coming in the rain.” And nobody’s heard anything since… Sounds like just the place for some priceless artifacts to be hanging around… I want to go, and I know I can convince at least Brute and Emir, Emir already said no, but he likes treasure, I can tell.

On our way to Yurath, I was having a pretty good undefeated streak in the ring at our fight club, and right as I was about to leave, the Krieger stepped into the ring. I didn’t really want to fight, but if she is going to be watching my back in fights, might was well make sure she’s up to it. Well…. She kicked my ass. Good to know though, don’t pick a fight with her.

We were going through the warp just fine on our way to Yurath when Maximiliano showed up again. Nyx was teaching Janoor how to use her forehead eyeball, when he dropped in on them. We all started heading to navigation, until Nyx yelled over the vox that he went into the vents. The Krieger and I were just leaving the ring so instead of continuing to head off to navigation, we moved to protect the gellar field. We showed up just in time to see most of the mercs we had guarding it run out of the room.

About partway through the fight the demon threw one of Krieger’s grenades towards the gellar field. I shot it before it made it back there, but the explosion caused the field to flicker. Luckily, Nyx and Janoor managed to pull us out of the warp just in time, before any other demons showed up. The Krieger and I made quick work of the demon and we waited for Nyx to be back in shape to navigate us the rest of the way.

Over the day of just sitting around, I decided to take the Outlaw out and mess around a bit. Get used to the controls. Better while we’re stuck now, and not stuck in the middle of a battle.

We made it to Yurath, and found Janoor’s city. We took two shuttles down and parked them outside town on the edge of a nearby forest. They’re hidded well enough… Janoor stayed up in the Titansbane. Probably for the best. It looks like there’s a war going on or something. Everything is on fire, including her city. I wonder if the princess and knight are even still alive…

Field Log 834.M41 -0401 Titansbane: Voidspace


The trip though the Maw proved uneventful. The Emperor Protects.

At Port Footfall we met our benefactor, a man named Zulfikar Raheem. An imposing figure, even sitting down he seems to tower over me. I feel even with a battalion of Death Korp behind me I would lose a fight with the man. Killian parted ways with us then.

Zulfikar provided repairs and supplies for our ship along with several personal boons for the inner circle. I was gifted an archaic bolt pistol from his personal armory named “Chain of Command” and command of a troop of reliable soldiers. It is good to see some military discipline on the ship finally.

Repairs on the ship took several weeks, all the while I continued my hunt Maximilliano. Even with a proper chain of command and communication channels he somehow still eluded me. In that time Emir hired our services to a noblewoman named Janoor Yuratha. We are to travel to her homeworld, a feudal world not part of the Imperium, and rescue her daughter and personal guard.

Also, she appears to be an untrained psyker.

She has spent much time acquainting hereself with Nyx learing what it is to be a Navigator, which suits me just fine.

As we made our way to the warp point, something in my gut felt off. I posted guards near the Geller Field Generator, on the off chance I might be right.

Patrolling through the ship as we made our way though the warp, I found that Neck had organized an impromptu boxing match with several crewmembers. Watching him fight one crewmen after another reminded me of how we would pass time on the crusade fleet between deployments. After a few rounds no new challengers were willing to step up, so I decided to have a go. It was a good fight, Neck hits like a bolter round and is built tougher then a Krieg rationbar.

I won of course. He said he was fine but I think he was worn out from the previous fights and that was why I was able to beat him as quickly as I did. When I brought him to the medbay to patch up our wounds I could already hear news of our match traveling throughout the ship. If that little match helped moral so much I will have to continue these fights.

Then all hell broke loose.

Maximilliano had come out of hiding and attempted to kill the Navigators in Nyx’s chambers. A fight broke out and Emir was able to drive him back. Neck and I were to far away to respond in time, and thank the Emperor for that as I quickly got an emergincy form the engine bay as Maximilliano was attacking my men I’d stationed at the Geller Field Generator. I hate it when my gut is right.

When Neck and I came into the engine room we found my men trying their best to stop the now mutated thing that was Maximilliano. Coordinating or efforts to push him back proved difficult as he seemed resistant to most of our weapons. Neck’s Lascannon proved most effective, if a bit worrying as we were so close to the Gellar field for my comfort but we were pressed for results. It proved for naught as Maximilliano managed to wrestle a grenade from my person and lobed it at the Generator, causing a flicker in the Geller field long enough for him to be consumed by the patron he had become a Herald of and with the eruption of a choking cloud of flies he was twisted into a Beast of Nurgle.

Int he face of a true deamon my men were found wanting, save two: Sergeant Donovan Gravus and Lieutenant Tyroden Rhyx, both of which proved covering fire and support as Neck and I battled the deamon least we loose the ship. At the same time it is thanks to Nyx and Janoor that we were successfully able to return to realspace, preventing further deamon incursion. The beast sent screaming back to the warp we were left drifting waiting for our Navigators to recover from the ordeal. In the mean time I posted guards int he Navigator chambers to make doubly sure such an event never happens again.

Janoor seems to have misinterpreted my judgement. We crossed paths once and she attempted to engage me in conversation, but I had duties to attend to and no time for idle chatter. After the guards were placed she inquired if I placed them there because I don’t trust her.

I don’t, but I did not tell her that. Instead I told her it was encase another deamon incursion occurred. I then attempted to edjucate her on the nature of Kriegsmen and our ways, the Emperor and the Imperium. Though brief I hope I imparted some important knowledge to her.

I don’t hate her, but as I said before, she is a psyker. Also, she is an aristocrat, and last I remember it was the aristocracy that was responsible for Krieg as we know it.

I’ve just been informed that Nyx is ready for our entry to the warp, I will write more later.

What is a closet, and what does it mean to me?

The following events took place between some time and a later time, in a much less eloquent manner than could be expressed here.

Within each of us lies a slumbering desire for control, be it on large or small scale. An innate desire to confirm with yourself that the world is not as random and chaotic as it appears, and that your presence has more than a coincidental effect on your surroundings. It is from this desire that we each search for a home, a domain that bends to our every whim to give us that control we desire. For every king a castle, and who does not yearn for that security? To each of us there exists a fortress of solitude, an impenetrable
A door creaks open nearby and a distracted peon wanders in
Cleaning supplies, cleaning supplies…
Smoke billows from between the shelves as a massive claw extends clasping a large canister.
There it is.
Without a second thought, the peon walks out of the room and the door swings shut behind him
An impenetrable labyrinth that only the master knows. What does it mean to acquire true control? What lengths should one go to in order to achieve such a goal? Such a ponderous philosophical question cannot be taken lightly, and it is here I must muse upon it.


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