Battle for the Titansbane

Cry Havoc and Let Slip the Dogs of War

During the explorers stay at Thical they were found out by the Rogue Trader Sarvus Trask. He found them on the final day of their resupply. He bribed port authorities and dock workers alike to evacuate the void station so there wouldn’t be any interruptions.

He appeared on the dock alone at first and hailed the crew. He demanded that Killian Rage turn himself over. He had someone behind him drag forward the form of Havoc, Killian’s blood brother, and gunned him down in cold blood as a threat.

Sarvus Trask then gestured and the explorator Nett Doze appeared from behind him. He reached into his cloak and clicked a device several times. Detonations shook the ship from prow to stern. The plasma generators containment field cracked, but with a mighty heave of the ships machine spirit it did not erupt into holy fire.

Hundreds of men appeared behind Sarvus Trask, all heavily armed and prepared to board the Titansbane. They would drag the explorers out if need. Killian Rage took charge. He ordered Kayp Washburne to get the ship into the void and ordered Zarko “The Neck” Ilmatar to go to the Enginarium and find out what happened.

Knowing that “Krieger” 327 had trained a handful of semi-competent lieutenants, he ordered the war veteran to prepare to repel boarders.

There were heavy clanks as boarding parties prepared thermal lances to slowly penetrate the hull of the Titansbane. Sparks begin to fly as the explorers readied themselves down the length of the macro-battery corridors. Eventually the soldiers punched through but the conjoined forces of the players moxie held them at bay.

In the end they were repelled entirely. Killian requested that Zarko fly him out onto the dock to retrieve Havocs body. But as the smoke cleared Sarvus Trask could be seen waiting over Havocs body. He knew Killian would come. Enraged, Killian hastily demanded that Zarko get Havocs body onto the transport and he leapt from the transport. Both men clashed; red cloaks flying and dual swords flashing.

Zarko wasn’t about to stand down. Sarvus Trask had damaged the Titansbane. But as he moved forward Nett Doze appeared from the smoke. Zarko attacked him. They exchanged attacks for several seconds but then Zarko was caught by Nett Doze’s baleful eye laser. Through sheer strength of neck he did not catch on fire, but he did pass out.

But the rest of the explorers surged onto the dock to assist. Not to be outnumbered, Sarvus Trask rallied some of his fleeing crewman and a massive combat erupted. Several explorers went to kill the traitor while the remainder exchanged volleys with heavily armed soldiers.

Sarvus eventually called for more support and the heavy gunfire eventually dealt lethal blows to Brute Wang and Emir Engraav. Krieger came for assistance and in a show of the Emperors wrath took down three men.

The tide turned then with Sarvus Trask realizing he couldn’t rally against this. He finally bulled his way through Killian’s defense and cleaved his left arm off. He then retreated from the dock.

The massive amount of gunfire from all directions was irritating to Nett Doze. He had been promised resources and power by Sarvus Trask but his new mechadendrites were failing him. With no good place to hide he attempted to flee, even if he had to risk being shot. But the hail of gunfire was too much. He took shots through his torso, his side, and eventually his head. Zarko was dragged to the transport by Sigmund and fired his lascannon; the laser vaporized Nett’s arm, and then he was gunned down by Sigmund.

Nett lay there on the ground for a moment while blood, oil, and sacred unguents spilled out of him. Nett Doze thought to himself that while he liked his body it- wasn’t entirely necessary. He would find out how to get another one. Using his remaining arm he began to try and stand back up, but one more shot from the lascannon snuffed whatever was left burning inside Nett Doze.

The battle was costly and the ship was in shambles, but eventually the crew regrouped aboard the Titansbane. It’s engines roared triumphantly and sailed off into the void.

Battle for the Titansbane

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