Endrite is a feral planet located on the outer rim of the Hazeroth Sector. It has no official ownership.

The planet is a lush, vibrant green planet. It has no visible oceans; in fact, water only takes up approximately 25% of the surface area. The light from the nearby blue sun makes everything seem fresh and vibrant. Vast forests cover most of the planet and the continents are studded by silver and grey mountain peaks that make their way through the forest. Rivers create a vast web of moving water across the planet giving it the appearance of being wrapped in silver bands.

The careful explorer will not that there is almost no creature life to be seen. Smaller creatures exist but they are small and bug-like. The only create species that is prevalent are small, furry birds with long needle like beaks. Adeptus Mechanicus scientists have discerned that nearly 100% of the planets and fauna are poisonous. Fatally so. The ecosystem functions off of millions of tiny fungi and bugs. They live off of the nitrogen that the plants create. How exactly this nitrogen exists in the soil is difficult to ascertain but its likely that its created from decomposing plants and fungi.

Not many people visit this planet although certain ambitious scientists and merchants visit the planet to try and refine poisons and chemicals from the plants. There are several ruins on the surface but no real signs of civilization so the ruins are credited to people attempting to make outposts

There is a single hidden outpost for noted Rogue Trader Sarvus Trask. It is hidden to the eyes of those in orbit.


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