Gunpoint is a hive planet located within the Hazeroth segmentum. Its continents are are large and expansive and all located along the equator. The climate is temperate but favors the warmer side. The north and south oceans are filled with dangerous elements but can be filtered into something drinkable. The chemicals present within the water and atmosphere made the top soil very fertile. It is a prime location for growing large and sometimes exotic crops with the yearly yield being massive.

Legend says that the planet was originally colonized as an agricultural world. An aspiring Rogue Trader ventured out into what would be known as the Calixus Sector. He was able to identify its worth and built much of the infrastructure needed to grow massive food crops.

When the Imperium began its massive expansion into the Calixus Sector they drew up numerous contracts with the Rogue Trader. However, his greed got the better of him. He began to charge more for each new contracts. The Administratum retaliated by imposing heavier tithes. The Rogue Trader eventually lashed out by attacking an Ecclesiarchy contingent.

A short and bloody war broke out. Settlements were destroyed, farms were razed, and the Rogue Traders companies were scattered. The Imperial Navy created a blockade which the Rogue Trader met with force. On the final day his ship fleet was broken and his flagship crippled. He was boarded and on his own command bridge he was forced to his knees and ordered to turn over control of the planet or face the consequences.

With his last breath he cursed the Imperial Creed. He was killed, his Writ of Trade revoked, his dynasty appropriated, and his name stricken from the Imperial record.

The Imperial record claims this planet was always colonized as a Hive planet. The infrastructure needed to be rebuilt and the farms needed to be reseeded. The influx of peoples gave cause to build massive hab cities. Several of them now dominate the face of the planet.

Several families that have been living here for generations pass along the legend of the Rogue Trader who colonized this planet and was forced to give it all up.


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