Sheol XVII

Sheol XVII is a penal world supplanted within the Hazeroth Sector. Within its star system its outside the orbital zone that would have made it a habitable world. Its a frozen world covered from pole to pole in thick snow. Beneath the snow is hundreds of feet of ice and bedrock. The poles are well below freezing and the wind makes it almost fatal to be outside.

Ice_Planet.jpg Art by Tomas Honz

There were oceans once. Research has shown the water was high in salt and minerals. Over the vast millennia it is speculated that its orbit was changed and it moves further away from the sun. Mere millimeters per year. But over time the planets surface froze, and eventually the oceans froze. The salt makes the freezing point lower than normal, however the minerals in the snow and ice make raise the melting point much higher than normal. This causes the ice on the planet to be incredibly strong.

The Hive world of Thical ships all of its criminals and heretics to Sheol XVII. The Thical Wardens, a particularly strong private police force, have jurisdiction over Sheol XVII and they guard it fiercely.

There are several penal colonies on the planet. Located near the poles the Wardens use the freezing cold as a deterrent for escapees. The penal colonies themselves are almost akin to cities, with prisoners being locked inside. Within the walls of the colonies themselves people are left to fend for themselves. Its survival of the fittest.

The Wardens deployment facilities are located outside and they use speeder craft to run a circuit around the colonies. They kill anyone found outside the colonies without proper identification with extreme prejudice.

Sheol XVII

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