The Creature on Rain

“There is a belief amongst some voidsmen: we are alive today because someone else payed the toll. Every time the plasma drive is resurrected, every time the macro cannons thunder, every time we enter the Warp our friends and family die. But we do their duty.

We believe that we are alive because our predecessors paid for us to have another day. And we all know that eventually, we all will pay for our children and our crews to have another day.

It is important for us to remember that. That a toll is paid. Not in thrones, but in lives. We can sail through the sea that is the Warp. We can take to the skies like gods. We must always remember that we have these gifts because each footprint we leave behind slowly fills with blood.

Today I pay. Today I pay the toll so that hopefully, you can live another day."

— Arronax King

Zarko Ilmatar was looking for planets to explore, and artifacts to claim. He heard a lot of rumors, maybe some legends, but nothing concrete from the often drunk voidsmen.

One legend stuck out to them though: the planet Rain. The population that had settled there vanished one day, and the last message to escape the planet was, “they are coming. They are coming from the Rain.”

The resident ork Brute Wang was very excited to go to Rain, but had a hard time convincing the entire crew. His elaborate plan? Forge a map. With the help of a underdecksman he created a map and had it planted on a hooker. Said hooker recognized Emir Engraav, the supposed Rogue Trader who employs Zarko. She delivered the map to him.

Emir and Zarko reviewed the map and deemed it reliable. With the resupply finished they set off for the unknown planet.

When they arrived, they located the telltale beacon that signaled that the system was claimed by another. However, scrutinizing the information help within gave them no name as to the planets name or owner.

A landing party landed near some survey sites they scanned. Three of them all within a league of one another. At each location the landing party reactivated a vox communication array. The second party was staying airborne, but was receiving the signals as they were slowly re-broadcast into the universe.

Once online, the message was clear. “They are coming. They are coming from the Rain.”

A massive, white looming creature appeared as a silhouette in the clouds. It descended towards them. It had a long, milky, tapered body with some drooping tentacles dripping liquids. It appeared to be made of some sort of liquid. It opened a massive maw and unleashed wave after wave of smaller, flying creatures that descended upon the party.

The airborne party encountered a similar creature, which unleashed its own wave of flyers. It pursued them into the air and seemed to follow them into orbit. In all directions, more of these creatures could be seem emerging from the clouds.

The landing party had begun dealing with the flyers. Some of them dropped into nearby puddles and re-emerged as humanoid husk creatures. They pursued slowly but once in their grasp it was difficult. Getting everyone on the ship was a chore. Brute Wang was pulled down a short distance away. The party gathered and flew low to save him. But as they started to head skyward, Emir was eventually dragged down to the surface where he was eventually suffocated and died.

The airborne party had made it back to ship where the crewman known as Arronax King was prepared to buy them some time. He loaded up the transport with promethium tanks and flew into the mouth of one of the creatures, attempting to destroy it from within. It failed. The party began running to the command deck to flee.

They made it to the courtyard where the elevator was located but found themselves overwhelmed. Janoor and Janae were entangled, with various explorers trying to free them to little effect. Sigmund made his final stand here.

On the elevator up both Nyx and Kayp both succumb after the creatures coming through the walls simply overwhelmed them.

In the cargo bay, Zarko, Brute, and Krieger all arrived on deck. Brute and Krieger were pulled down as they ventured forth, leaving Zarko the remaining crew member alive to attempt to flee. Unfortunately, the elevator having been damaged by Kayp was slow to return and he was eventually enveloped by the sticky, phantasmal creatures.

The crew were all suffocating, but then a familiar hum reverberated through the explorers minds. As Zarko’s vision was blurring he saw the ethereal form of Fyke, Janoors former bodyguard, step over Janae and free her. She was coursing with raw power she was pulling from the Warp. She vanished, but then reappeared on the bridge. With a raw scream she channeled her life force into driving the consciousness of the Creature back. The liquids forming the Creatures body was briefly turned back into water.

This cost young Janae her life. Her scream had saved the remaining crew. And the crew will remember this for the rest of their lives. Of the explorers, they all survived, except for Brute Wang, who did not arise again to join the crew.

The crew had the time to escape before it could reform. They immediately escaped before the Creature could strike again.

They found a nice star system, and after a few words both sad and tense, her body was released into space. She was surrounded by the keepsakes of those whom would be immortalized in legend as the Rainwalkers.

The Creature on Rain

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