Janae Yuratha

A young daughter with unknown power.




Janae is almost seventeen terran years old. She was the up and coming scion of the royal family of Yura. She has almost perfectly white, feathery hair. This is in contrast to her parents, who both had brown. Her eyes shimmer and shift in color, the curiosity and delight not yet dimmed. She has fair skin, and a slim figure. You might think her frail, but she is surprisingly quick when she needs to be.


The explorers were sent to save her from a crumbling kingdom. Her mother, Janoor Yuratha, had petition them to save her before she was slaughtered by her own subjects.

Janae is learning to find her new home on the ship. She is delighted by the technologies on the shift. Being a princess required that she was always escorted and rarely had time to really go and be a child. She now frolics through the ship, excited about her hard won freedom.

When speaking with her mother, she seems ignorant about what happened to Yurath. She remembers being carried by Nyx but almost nothing else. She thinks Fyke is still alive, and thinks that they can likely return at any time- not that she’d want to!

When someone imitated the song she sang, Janoor identified it as a lullaby Fyke used to sing to her when she was very young. He had told her that whenever she was scared, sing the song and Fyke would come to her; no matter where she was.

She sacrificed herself during the encounter with The Creature on Rain.

Janae Yuratha

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